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RPG / Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« on: December 10, 2014, 09:31:43 pm »
If anyone cares, I'm going to finish the story... sort of, in a private fashion. if anyone wants to take credit, or see what I've done with the story, once it's done, please speak up.

RPG / Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« on: April 12, 2014, 10:57:18 pm »
First off: "Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic." <-- That, is pretty genius!

Second off:" Well, a lot has happened hasn't it? The server is offline, the LMAG of LMAGT has stranded, and everyone just left I guess. I think I'm here talking to myself really, but I would still care to finish this thing. Without further ado":

Meta:" Wait a second, Uxie, how will we win this battle? There is someone here I don't know. If you didn't just update me I think I might've crashed."
Uxie:" That what you get for not updating in five months. I will update you as soon as we're done battling here. All you need to know for now is that this dragon will slow you down if you hit it physically."
Meta:"So, psychic?"
Uxie:" Well, that would be what I'd advise, if it didn't have an insane special defense stat. No, physical attack is the way to go."
Meta:" Okay, that will..."
At that moment Goodra uses infestation on Metagross, followed by a heavy hitting dragon claw by Haxorus. It was almost knocked out. But Uxie saw it's opportunity to hit back with a psychic on Goodra and immediately placed a future sight on Haxorus. Two moves remained. Metagross was stuck in place because of infestation, but still used a powerfull meteor mash on Goodra. Yet the goodra shrugged it off like it was nothing. If that wasn't unfortunate enough, the goo on Goodra's body didn't slow Metagross down. Rather, it stuck two of meta's claws together. Haxorus, knowing he was on a timer, started dancing like a madman. Dragon dancing...

Meanwhile in the void:
Mor:" That darkrai is taking too long finishing up his plan. Patience is a virtue, yes, but you have to know the difference between patience and stalling infinetely. That second thing is what he's doing. If he doesn't hurry up, soon his efforts will all have been in vain."
Slowking(just entering):" So you admit that you do not know what you are doing. You told him he was acting too rashly just 5 posts ago."
Mor:" Ah, the rapist. How funny that of all people, you are the one to point that out."
Slowking:" I told you it was just a one night stand."
Mor:" Ha, go tell that to that mother."
Slowking:" Can we get away from this topic? Kids still have to read this stuff."
Mor:" Well, as to your question, yes I told him to be patient. But that was before he started experimenting with type fusion. That concept, that one concept, while it could work out in his favour, stacks the odds against him. Even with me on his side! That is an achiecement even Dr. Wily couldn't accomplish. And he lost to the same guy eleven times! It bothers me."
Slowking:" You told him the origin darkness wasn't assured victory against the origin ghost!
Mor:" But this is not the answer! Hell, he even ordered my DNA."
Slow:"How do you..."
Mor:" I told you I have Holmes' talent for deduction. Did you seriously think I didn't notice Genesect coming into my room a little while ago while I was recharging. He was very stealthy, yes, but nobody can be too stealthy for me."
Slow:" Recharging?"
Mor:" I do not sleep. Sleep is for those who cannot destroy empires in three blinks. The only thing I need is a bit of recharging. One coffee can keep me working for 196 hours. I do need to drink it slowly, though that is my obvious drawback."
Slow:" I still stick to it, it is your fault."
Mor:" Say what you will, it is your boss who has spent the last three days trying to figure out a new type, and it is your boss who has almost thrown away his chances to victory."
Darkrai (from the next room):" It is done, hahaha, it is done! This was worth not sleeping for."
Slow:" Who stacked the odds against his favour now?"
Mor:"I want to see it, before I believe it. Coming!"
(they walk into the back room)
Dark:"How do you like it?"
Slow:"You have outdone yourself."
Mor:"Is it thoroughly tested? What are it's match-ups?"
Dark:" Doesn't matter. It is immune to ghost and fighting, that's enough. I shall call it... Infrared-type... Muhahahahah."

I might continue this, but I'll see if anyone catches this.

Propositions / Re: Artand, Chiland and Norwand
« on: December 07, 2013, 11:20:59 pm »
I thought, DW abilities were usually the same throughout evolutionary families. Hence I made Overcoat the DW, and the weather effects normal. Aside from that, they are on here, as what will happen if they come in contact with/close to water. The first one will vaporize the water, creating rain. A.K.A. Drizzle. The second one's body temperature constantly fluctuates, and thus no stable weather can be formed. A.k.a. Cloud Nine. The last's body temperature is beneath anything which is possible, it would freeze even hydrogen, and do you know how impossible that is? Anyways, aroung it, most likely hail would form. Better known as Snow Warning in pokemon language. I hope that clarifies it...

As to the type change, I'm sorry, but I do like type changes IF there is a good story behind it. A mon cooling down is a decent story for a pokemon game, wouldn't you say?

Propositions / Re: Artand, Chiland and Norwand
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:41:33 pm »
sorry, nam, have just been working on this mon for +- an hour
I hope you can understand that I'm not feeling like adding more moves atm  :-\

This one: http://letsmakeagametogether.createaforum.com/propositions/hedgehoft-furrike-cushown-(first-glance-w-i-p-)/
Has HM/ TM moves though

(shameless advertising, maybe?)

Propositions / Re: Artand, Chiland and Norwand
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:27:30 pm »
Well, people, whatưa thinnk?

Pokemon and Pokedex / Re: Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread
« on: December 01, 2013, 11:25:56 am »
There is a rough list, but I'm not sure wether you can access it. It's in the board atop of "Making of tervari" If you can see it...

Other / Re: Murder Of Sev
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:30:36 pm »
As Snaq banned Dusclops, he couldn't have done it, obv.

How did sceptile die? any fingerprints etc.? And finally, why did charmeleon write something that vague? Isn't he supposed to help? (that last part is for myself to answer.) (btw, won't be on tomorrow)

Say, isn't it odd that there are ovens in a hotel. Doesn't a hotel usually have room service. I think the murder was partly commited by a rotom, who went into fridge form, possibly asked by someone to take revenge. Dusclops noticed it and came up, caught him red handed. But as Charmeleon was also walking, he caught Dusclops "red-handed" and tried to bring the message across. Seviper asked him to write it on the wall, when Zangoose came in to stop charmeleon from writing it. Assuming Zangoose is innocent, he might've also thought someone was caught red-handidly struggle followed etc. As such, rotom must be an assassin, who was hired by someone in the hotel. the only question is, who?

Other / Re: Murder Of Sev
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:15:25 pm »
Also, there must be someone else's DNA in that blood. If you know whose that is, you know who's trying to frame anyone.

Other / Re: Murder Of Sev
« on: November 30, 2013, 11:10:56 pm »
and zangoose's door?

Other / Re: Murder Of Sev
« on: November 30, 2013, 10:37:28 pm »
Well, I was actually only trying to check the door...

Anyways: May I check the door of Zangoose's and Sev's appartment. How were the footprints organised in the room, or did everyone just walk all across the room! Realy, no way to get a good investigation off. Also, get a blood sample of the wall and from seviper. compare them.

Someone is framing people, and I suspect someone, but am not sure. Nobody is so stupid to write their own names on a wall in so obvious a way.

Propositions / Re: New Pokemon: Pyrosen and Pyrospectre
« on: November 30, 2013, 10:06:11 pm »
I meant it as, it's typing fits. :(

Propositions / Artand, Chiland and Norwand
« on: November 30, 2013, 09:23:19 pm »
height: Insert here
Weight: Insert here
Gender Ratio: all 1/1
Egg Group: all Human-Like
Hatch time: 46 cycles
Entry: these mons like living close to the Equator. Their body temperature is very consistant at 300 degrees above Celcius, but it rapidly cools upon contact with water
Method of evolving: Water Stone
Base happiness: all 100
Catch rate: 225
Base Exp Yeild: insert Here
Abilities: Intimidate(90%)/ Drizzle (10%)/ HA: Overcoat
type: Fire
BST: 225
HP: 25
Atk: 30
Def: 30
Sp. Atk: 40
Sp. Def: 40
Speed: 60
EV Yeild: 1 speed
- Powder Snow
- Ember
1- Growl
6- Flame Charge
13- Agility
21- (little) Inferno
30- Heat Wave
41- Scald
52- Flamethrower
64- Overheat

Height: Insert Here
Weight: Insert Here
Catch Rate: 100
Entry: These mons are normaly only found in Toendra environments. It likes water, But can never enjoy bathing, as it's body temperature constanly fluctuates between 46 and -146 degrees Celcius
Method of evolving: level 46
Base EXP Yeild: Insert Here
Abilities: Intimidate(90)/ Cloud Nine (10)/ HA: Overcoat
type: Ice
BST: 446
HP: 54
Atk: 70
Def: 65
Sp. Atk: 85
Sp. Def: 80
Speed: 92
EV yeild: 2 speed
Level-up moves:
- Powder Snow
- Growl
1- Water Gun
11- Will-o-wisp
17- Double Team
24- Body Slam
32- Ice Beam
41- Scald
52- Agility
64- Blizzard

Species: Southern
Catch rate: Not catchable.
Entry: These mons are so cold, they create frozen Oxygen around them. The Females are attracted to the cold of the Males. The lowest body temperature one of these ever had was -237 Kelvin. Unfortunately, it was dead when measured.
Base EXP Yeild: Insert Here.
Abilities: Intimidate (90)/ Snow Warning (10)/ HA: Overcoat
type: Ice
BST: 510
HP: 65
Atk: 75
Def: 70
Sp. Atk: 100
Sp. Def: 90
Speed: 110
EV Yeild: 3 speed

Leveling Moves:
-Powder Snow
- Double Team
11- Icy Wind
23- Razor Wind
37- Agility
45- Haze
54- Ice Beam
64- Perish Song
75- Blizzard
87- Sheer Cold

the Insert here sections may be answered by you!  ;)[/glow]

TM/HM/egg moves will be added before the 8th, but voting is already allowed.

Propositions / Re: New Pokemon: Pyrosen and Pyrospectre
« on: November 30, 2013, 08:58:55 pm »
snaq, I looked at it. IT FITS!

I guess I can close this one, psychic is almost filled, and I think there's a better use... let's make an ice mon  instead, they're a lot of fun too. :D

Propositions / Re: Phoenova
« on: November 30, 2013, 08:54:49 pm »
list, good Positive

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