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Title: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: sadold plz on August 03, 2013, 05:52:04 am
Don't post here until finished with part 3
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: sadold plz on August 05, 2013, 09:59:28 pm
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Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 05, 2013, 10:04:00 pm
Metagross: "So after all we've been doing, all will be lost anyways."
Mesprit:"It seems quite so, yet i want my own answers, i'll go to the library here."
Meloetta:" Do you know where it is then?"
Reuniclus:"Yes it's quite dangerous to travel here alone."
Mesprit:" Doesn't matter, i require answers!"
Meta: when he's so determinned, there's no stopping him..."
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 05, 2013, 10:07:04 pm
there are now 2 groups: Mesprit, and The gang,!
I'll type Mesprit (i'll join up sith the gang later) do you do the gang?
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: sadold plz on August 05, 2013, 10:10:39 pm
Wait the gang? Everyone else like Reuni? Ok... Rotom joined you, but Ill still be him.
Rotom: Ill go reason with Giratina. Hes my brother, after all...
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Meloetta on August 05, 2013, 10:20:27 pm
*me finally stands up*
Me: Now, what can I do?
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 05, 2013, 10:23:23 pm
Extract from Mesprit's notebook:
Location: Distortion World.
Time: Nonexistent
date: the distortion time.
Note: That was one big search. Everyone here were either unfriendly, or very cautious. as if they were afraid of something. I have a story about an arbok, well that one needs to be told. But this is not the time. I kept on finding misleading clues. Most people told me they don't even know what a library is... anyways. i found one pokémon, willing to help.
Her name: Frosslass.
Her occupation: Fugitive
Her goal: Fighting evil.... at least she says so.
Her aliance: not sure...
She led me to a certain oracle. she is known, well known, she goes under the name of: the being of knowledge. Am i going there? Well, i heard she knows all, hears all (and i even heard) eats all! So that's a yes (you get a pm if you get the reference first), i am going there. the one thing that worries me most is my own nickname! Metagross an Lord Darkrai refer to me as: The being of Emotion. Whenever i touch someone, they seem to lose all emotion 3 days later. If i can remove emotions, and i'm known as the being of it, Will the being of knowledge also be able to take it away?
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: sadold plz on August 05, 2013, 10:25:26 pm
Reference From Ice Age 4!
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Meloetta on August 05, 2013, 10:26:53 pm
Me: As I have nothing to do, I'll sit back on something I see. Yeah? Okay...
*me goes sit again*
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 05, 2013, 10:28:15 pm
1. the gang, as in everyone but mesprit (and now rotom too)
2. melo, you can read the previous posts and continue the gang's tale
3. congratz PM on reaching 300 posts!
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Post by: sadold plz on August 05, 2013, 10:33:16 pm
^^ YAY! Did I get the reference?

Rotom: Why do you always have a journal? And why are you staring at an icy ghost Uxie? What are you writing? (hes a bit nosy) You know what? Ill be back, Ill go talk to Giratina , since hes my brother...
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 05, 2013, 10:41:28 pm
Mesprit: Rotom, i told you, i need to do some business alone... aside from that, here's a broken chainsaw, if giratina does anything which he shouldn't, be sure to use it. it might be our final chance. Now please go, or else i'll shadow ball you in such A WAY I'LL...
Frosslass: Mister Mesprit?
Mesprit: uh-huh... yes?
Frosslass: Uxie is ready to see you.
Mesprit: good luck.
Rotom: you two.

they both left the waiting room going for a different place. rotom went to see his brother in his palace, while Mesprit got closer to the oracle by every step he takes.
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Post by: sadold plz on August 05, 2013, 10:52:52 pm
(Wait Mesprit floats...)
Rotom: Brother? Is that you?
Gira: Yes
Rotom: What are you doing?
Gira:[Building a portal] Why have you come here? The only loving thing that should be here is Darkrai!
Rotom: Brother, listen to me...
Rotom: I came here to tell you that this isnt right. If you stop now Ill return you home, where all Pokemon were meant to be in the first place; up there...
Gira: Do you really think Him will allow that?
Rotom: Well... may---  no, I suppose not
Gira: Then join me
Rotom: Darkrais going to betray you after you bring him out with you!
Gira: No he isnt, hes my friend
Rotom: Hes just using you!. You wouldnt know a true friend even if they freed you from here! You are soo blind from your revenge that you are forgetting you should not trust everyone; especially him!
Gira: GET OUT!!!!! [Whacks him and Rotom falls to the ground]
Rotom: I dont know you anymore
Gira: You never knew me...
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 06, 2013, 11:54:57 am
I followed Frosslass through a maze (A really good one), which led to Uxie's room. When we arrived there Frosslass knocked on the door.
Uxie:"Who's there?"
Frosslass:" it's me, Frosslass? i have brought the one with me."
Uxie:" enter!"
We entered the room, it was completely dark.
Frosslass: I think you two have something to discuss."
Uxie:"Why don't you take over his place in the group while he is away?"
Frosslass:" good idea, i'll go look for them."
Frosslass used hail, and vanished using Snow cloak.
Mesprit: "How did you know that?"
Uxie:" well Mesprit, i am known as the being of knowledge. As such, it is my job to know what other people don't. (same rules as previous reference) Anyways brother, you have come to see me because you are confused, and want answers."
Mesprit:" Indeed... but, who, what and where?"
Uxie:" Oh, oops, i always tend to forget to introduce myself, as i don't think that people know less than me, my bad. My name, is Uxie, the being of Knowledge. I know all there is to know about the past, present and future! I might perhaps know more than Arceus. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. while i know all, i can make others forget all by just looking into their eyes. That's why it's dark here, i don't want to delete any memories. toghether with you and another one, we form a trio."
Mesprit:" Who is that third member? I'll find him!"
Uxie: " you won't find him, he's beyond!"
Mesprit: "How?"
Uxie:" We have to start at the beginning for this... and i mean the very beginning. You know Arceus created the universe, Dialga, Palkia, and a couple of different pokemon, before he went through three milleniums of sleep? Well Arceus created three more important pokemon... thingies?
Uxie:"Let me finish, please!"
Uxie:" One of those was Giratina, the ruler of the distortion world. He was planning to take over the world, before he was bannished to here. the secind one was giratina's brother Rotom, who you've already met, who was made to keep Giratina in tone, but actually, was the more evil of the two. He has, however, learned a bit from his mistakes, and his alignment as of this moment, is unclear.
The third thing was... an egg."
Mesprit:" I saw that egg."
Uxie: "I know that... knowing everything is quite boring actually, nothing new. Anyways, that's of topic. Out of this egg came...
Mesprit(interupting):"Came three creatures, who were kidnapped by another pokemon."
Uxie:" Yes, this pokemon, was later to be known, as darkrai"
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Snaquaza on August 06, 2013, 12:03:58 pm
Darkrai suddenly used an attack to make the entire world covered in shadows
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 06, 2013, 12:27:49 pm
Mesprit: "Wait... Lord Darkrai Kidnapped us?"
Uxie:" Yes, he had to get Giratina on his side, so he gave a peace-offering: I and Azelf would reside here."
Mesprit:" And you two just went with it?"
Uxie:" Remember, Darkrai nicked us from the beginning of time, we were literally two hours of age!
Mesprit:" Then why didn't he give me away?"
Uxie: "Your powers!"
Mesprit:" My powers?
Uxie:" indeed, you had special powers, very useful for someone so evil. I just know all and can erase memories. Yes erasing memories can be usefull, but then darkrai had to educate them. He wanted to take over the world quickly. Azelf, the being of willpower, our third brother, could only give others hope, something Darkrai considers dangerous. With Girantina's permission, he launched him into space in the overworld, and that capsule exploded in space...you, were different, and very useful! If you touch someone, he or she will lose all emotions three days afterwards. They become fighting machines, who don't care for anything. even betrayal is removed. You are his best, and most secret weapon. And you were more or less a son to him. if he would meet you, and you would ask him who he is, he'll most likely answer with:'Mesprit, I'm your father'"
Mesprit:"No, that's not possible. i have no father!"
Uxie:"i saw that one coming (you, too? easiest reference yet), now, you're quite hopeless. you will need a cure. If Azwlf is still alive, i would advise you to see him, but, alas, he's not under us anymore..."
Mesprit:" Then, i'll need to get him back."
Uxie:" Why did i see that coming? Mesprit, if you are going to mess with the past, make it change for the better. Also, the opportunity to change the past will come soon. Now, if you want to know anything, Frosslass will be able to find me. Now retreat to your friends... they'll need you!"
And so, ended my first conversation, with one of my brotners.
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Post by: Eneomas on August 06, 2013, 07:00:52 pm
extract from the notebook of Mesprit:
time, place and date: distortion world.
That Uxie was even smarter than i thought! The moment i left that maze (took me a full 2 days, and i had the map!) everything was dark. I don't know why it's dark outside, but i know something: where darkness is, is lord Darkrai, and he's in for a surprise... later. First, i have to find my friends. I hope they czn find their way, as i can still sense using my psychic powers. they... most likely can't.
Hold on, Melo, Meta, Reuni, i'm coming!
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Post by: sadold plz on August 06, 2013, 07:13:48 pm
What Uxie was lacking, however, was the knowledge about stuff going on in the Creation World (Arceus' World, and everything else), because he had been taken by Darkrai and he had removed the part in his mind that kept the knowledge of the Creation World.

As Rotom and Mesprit met up again, they decided to go back to the gang, which was setting up camp on a wide and flat piece of land. Mesprit had wondered what made Uxie think Rotom was evil so he asked what happened with Giratina and him.

Mesp: What happened with you and your brother?
Rotom: *sigh* It was a very long time ago, all Pokemon that existed were all in the Creation World, I think I saw Arceus' egg unhatched, it was strange... nevermind that, but what happened that made Giratina banished is we were exploring one day and we both found a sparkling Cresselia. We messed with it, but Giratina said to stop and he left. Me, however, accidentally shocked Cresselia and she fainted, making the sky dark  and creepy, then came the Diabolical Darkrai from the shadows. I had accidentaly spawned evil from the roots itself. Darkrai had made everything dark, and soon Arceus noticed, and he asked both me and Giratina what happened, since we were the only mischevious Pokemon  around those days. I said it was Giratina, and he was to slow to defend his case before he was sent to the Distortion World. I was sent to the Boundaryworld where all other Pokemon there was sent, and sent Darkrai to the Boundaryworld locked up and hoped that Darkrai would stay put and be taken down by ones on (Earth) Boundaryworld. I was sent with no guilt since I had not known of guilt then. But as I met all of you and tried to stop Darkrai, I grew feelings, guilt and friendship. And while Giratina was left stuck in the Distortion World (lol Hell), he was planning revenge solely for me and Arceus for blaming him.
Mesprit: Wow thats pretty deep
Rotom: Oh were here

They arrived at camp and put up 2 tents for them.
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Post by: sadold plz on August 06, 2013, 09:26:13 pm
Rotom: Hey look at this page I found on the ground!

"Extract from the Arceus Archives Pages:
The Beginning, Page 42
I had thought I finished all created Pokemon, when I discovered the original egg I came from was still unhatched! I was stunned, and before my eyes the egg started hatching! Out came a Pokemon that I have never seen before, it loo--"
The rest of the page was ripped and gon
Rotom: I wonder what that was about
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Post by: Eneomas on August 06, 2013, 09:47:27 pm
Mesprit:" Doesn't matter, lets go eat at the base!"

And so their long yourney ended with a party... a party, and a great dinner.
Mesprit (stuffed): "Who made this dinner?"
Voice:"that would be me!"
the voice was familiar already, but the silhouette and the snow gave it awat for real. it was Frosslass
Mesprit:"Frosslass, and were you accepted well."
Reuni:" that's our policy, we're team (pm to the one filling in this spot with the original word) Saldod."
Melo:" Who came up with that name?"
Melo:" But you haven't been here in a while! and, and...never mind."
Meta:"Ice cube makes good dinner, therefore ice cube is to be trusted."
Lass: "i have a name you know, my name is Frossla..."
Mesprit put on gloves and pulled Frosslass to him.
Mesprit-->Lass (Doing this means a whisper!!!!!!!!!!!): " Don't even try, it's no use! He takes months to remember names. I was first known as pink lady..."
Lass--->Mesprit:" i thought supercomputer would be smarter."
Mesprit--->Lass: "he is, he just has lost all emotions, and thus has trouble remembering names!"
Mes--->Lass: "'being of emotion', figure the rest out yourself!"
Melo:" are you two done with your tea party?, i'm trying to sing here!"
spongebob narrator:" One song later."
Lass:"As you see, they have treated me as well as the othet newcomer
Voice: "That would be me!"
This voice was new to Mesprit, but looking at the direction of the voice showed it five flames: It was the chandelure from earlier!
Meta:" When Charizard traded the temporary for the eternal, we needed a new fire type! it can't hurt to have the strongest legal special attacker around around.
Lass:" That, and he's great at heating things? I have always been good with food, but the meals were always cold before i arrived at the table. This time it was different. i still want to know his secret!
Chan--->Rotom:"it's psychic type spirits, but don't tell her."
Reuni: and it's someone who benefits from your trick room.
Mes:" Well, anything else happened?"
Reuni: "aside from those two lovebirds taking over, no not really"
Chan (blushes)
Lass: " oi, we're not in love!"
All but Mesprit: " Right... (sarcastic).
Meta--->Mes:" want an accurate account of what happened?"
Mes--->Meta: "As Accurate as you can get, please"
Meta--->Mes:" take SD card 5, and play it, all will become clear"
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Post by: Meloetta on August 06, 2013, 09:58:24 pm
*me is the singer on the party*
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Post by: sadold plz on August 06, 2013, 10:11:44 pm
Far away, Uxie was relaxing, knowing nothing will happen to him because of her knowledge of EVERYTHING. He was sad that she was stuck in the Distortion World; Darkrai had her there for the purpose of giving him Knowledge of the universe; unfortunately for Darkrai he made the fatal mistake of taking out the Creation World part of his mind.
Darkrai came and told him to give him knowledge about the gangs next move...
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Post by: Eneomas on August 06, 2013, 11:06:37 pm
Meta's diary:
"Hi, Metagross here! I've heard from a friend that noting stuff is helpful in forgetting stuff, so i will try it! Today, we ended up in the distortion world, and some random stuff happened, lets start at the beginning!
My best pal in this group, Mesprit, left the gang for an unknown period of time! He saw something which put him of in the Battle Arena of Dialga and Palkia! This place is going to be known as "The Creation World"!"
Mesprit: "Meta, you should stop reading ahead!"
Meta: "I know, but it's difficult..."
Mesprit: "Well, let bygones be bygones...ah, here I was."
"Motorguy, being the biggest plot-twist yet in this chapter, went with him to see his brother, Giratina! This left me alone with Pudding, Tiny Dancer and some others i forgot! We were stunned, and had no clue on what to do...! we were stranded for a day looking for food, and shelter. We decided to go back to Candles, Who had met us earlier! He had a nice house, but his cooking was, and still is awful! He overcooked everything! How do you even overcook salad? But the drinks afterwards were worse: Dancer had normal (warm) juice, Pudding had (warm) water, and I had oil! But as he Overcooks everything in his dinner mode, we instead got an explosion! We were left stranded; no house, no food, and, as the cooking mushroom left, No good chef!
We were all baffled! No hope, no will! We could've used the third creature at that..."
I didn't read before cursing at Meta for almost spoiling me, and skipping this paragraph.
"But then, after travelling to the plains of the third, it became cold, too cold for a summer! Too cold for the winter too, actually! It was snowing! We all were very cautious, and went into a battling formation! We used our most powerful moves, but alas, you cannot hit what you cannot see! This opponent was a master in secrecy! She knocked us out, one by one by one! Worst thing was: we didn't know who was down and who wasn't! In the end, it was me and Pudding against this horrible abomination! Or was it?! We had seen that this would be our end if we insisted on battling, and thus had stopped! And then, the wierdest thing happened, She showed herself! She, Ice Cube, was actually sent by the oracle of this "Distortion World""
I went to give metagross another slap in the face.
"We voted if she should join, and ended negative, with only one positives:Candles! I don't know why, but something is going on between those two! Anyways, after this, Cube proposed a peace offering: A dinner! As Candles wanted to help, i was dreading this dinner! I was positively surprised when i tasted the Soup! It was warm yet cold, it was spicy yet sour, and sweet at the same time! Then came the main course, and our doubts were over! It was delicious, the best I've felt since I took down my teacher as a Beldum! After the dessert, which didn't explode, we recounted! We had a total of one negative: Tiny Dancer! His reasoning: "She beat us all up before attempting to join us" She could counter:" You all fired first, it was my last case scenario!" We travelled one more day, bought some tents (divided: Me+Mesprit, Pudding+Dancer, Cube + Candles, Motor, and all the others (ouc, seriously, i don't remember the others/tervari mons!)) and had a dinner, in which Mesprit and Motor returned!"
I was statisfied having read this, and thus i planned on asking Rotom to renarrate the papers to us, which he happily did!

p.s. If twins can have a 1/1 gender ratio, triplets can have a 2/1 too!
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Post by: sadold plz on August 06, 2013, 11:25:00 pm
wouldnt that make Azelf and Mesprit women? ._.

Rotom found a ripped page:
--ked like a copy of me! But was smaller, and had no plates. He emerged, and collapsed on the floor looking distorted. He was fro--"
Once again the page was ripped, and from what he found earlier most likely meant that there were more around. He searched for more, but he never found more. He showed it to Mesprit, but Mesprit didnt really care.
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Post by: Eneomas on August 07, 2013, 11:13:17 pm
Mesprit:" can anyone make anything from that?"
All:" No!"
Lass:" Uxie could!"
Reuni:" Ofcourse, Frosslass, go tell Uxie!"
Melo:" Should we trust her to return?"
Chan:" I trust her to return!"
All (but lass, mes and chan) :" uh-huh!"
Chan:" What?"
Mesprit:" Well, go, frosslass, go!"
frosslass went only toreturn a minute later.
Lass: The unthinkable happened... Uxie... Said i don't know to me!
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Sadly when they got there and asked Uxie, Uxie had no memory of it because its origins were from the Arceus Archives, which were in the Creation World.
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Post by: Snaquaza on August 08, 2013, 05:00:10 pm
Porygon, keep it here or not, but don't advertise and you also got no restrictions, I don't know what you are talking about, but watch your steps
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Ok I dont want to leave your good side Snaq I just want a bigger space for keeping stuff because the other section is too small and its not advertising its for letting everyone playing knows that info will be stored there. I dont want to have any trouble, so Ill make sure to watch my steps :)

Also stop deleting the archives! Its sole purpose is for more space for info and such.
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Post by: Snaquaza on August 08, 2013, 07:03:02 pm
I only delete any links to another forum, but instead of moving you can just as well which restrictions there are and discuss how you have it rather
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That link isnt for moving! its for stuff... were alright here Ill stop
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Anyways we shall continue wit the story
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Post by: Eneomas on August 10, 2013, 07:35:00 pm
*OUC 3 days of thinking later.... i got it*

Melo:" How come you don't know it? Aren't you the very impersonation of knowledge?"
Uxie:" Well, the usual worlds grant me the knowledge i need forever, the Creation World, as you call it, doesn't, for some reason...
Reuni:" Darkrai!"
All:" What?"
Reuni:" It's all Darkrai's fault! He kidnapped you from the Creation World and thus deleted the link in your mind!"
Meta:" Affirmative!"
Mesprit:"Anyhow, we're still missing the link, leading to the solution of our little problem."
Lass:" I might be able to help with that..."
Lass:" Well, Uxie here, always uses facts! if something is theory, she would close herself of entirely, write it in a notebook called:" the babbling of others!" and forgot it, am I right, Uxie?"
Uxie:"Hmm, you've read to much detectives Frosslass, but yes, you're right."
Lass:"Well, after half a year of being a fully obedient assistant, i wanted to get some info Uxie might not have. And that's when I got my biggest passion: mythology!"
Melo:"Well excuse me, Frosslass, but I don't see how myths will get us beyond this point."
Uxie:" Seriously, am I alone on this one?"
Lass:" let me finish, Uxie! Anyways, one of the least known myths is the one of the Arceus Archives."
Rotom:"Hey that's what it says on the paper."
Lass:"Indeed, I was puzzled at first, but now i know this myth might help us. it goes like this:

Continues in next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by: Eneomas on August 10, 2013, 09:12:55 pm
Lass:" Before anything happened, there was nothing. Now, somehow, everything came into existence. Some pokemon claim that it was done by a giant explosion. That is, however, not true! Even Uxie wants to back me up on this, right?"
Uxie:" Right... but i see where this is going, so i'll not be listening!
Lass:" She Always does that! Now, as I was saying, the explosion never happened, it was just the hatching of an egg."
Rotom:"An egg? Which egg?"
Mesprit:" My egg?"
Lass:" No, and let me finish please!"
Lass:" Thank you! Now, this egg which hatched is said to have two sides, divided by a thin membrane. One side hatched, and out came a pokemon known as Arceus. He was destined to create the universe, along with his brother, who was weaker, but had the power of speech, and reasoning. The second half of the egg, however remained unhatched, and thus Arceus, forgetting his brother, started creating the universe. How he did it is vaguely known, The myth goes like:
He first created Dialga and Palkia to keep time and space balanced, but they went into a fight! For this to not happen, Arceus' brother had been needed, but he wasn't there. Then, stubborn as Arceus was, he created Giratina, but he had no clear purpose for him, and thus gave him a brother to play with, to stop him from turning evil! Thirdly, Mew was created, to breed all pokemon twice, so that they could at least continue all species. Mew did as told, apparently, but the life of the first ancestors was a sad one, on this Arceus created an egg with three beings inside, to bring a little more lust into the lifes of the ancestors. Arceus became really tired after this, and wanted some sleep, but just as he wanted to go to sleep, he saw the unhatched egg of his brother. he let him out, and then went to sleep!
Mesprit:" Seems farfetched for one pokemon to do that all. his powers would be endless!"
Lass:" It does, but he had one restriction: he had to have an empty mind to create, he used a diary to forget stuff easily."
Mesprit:" And i thought i was the first to use that trick."
( Frosslass looks to Mesprit meanly)
Mesprit: "Sorry"
Lass: "Thank you! This 'diary' had a title, "the Arceus Archives"! And nobody knows where they are, but one page seems to be right here.
Uxie:" Now now frosslass, that's quite enough nonsense! That's like that one myth about the moon pokemon having a dark side, only to be released when it's touched."
Rotom:" It is true... I did it...!"
Uxie:" ow..."
Mesprit:"there is only One obviousity, We need to get to the Creation World in order to ask Arceus himself."
Reuni: "We need a plan!"
Chan:"Aren't you our plan-man?"
Meta:" affirmative!"
Voice: " Citizen Uxie, leader Giratina is coming for a message."
Uxie:" What Now?"
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Post by: sadold plz on August 10, 2013, 09:16:31 pm
Darkrai and Giratina warped into the Creation World and attacked all of Arceus' soldiers and stood before Him.
Arceus: Why have you come back?
Dark: We have come forth to slay you
Gira: Thats right, we are going to overthrow you and take your plates to become INVINCIBLE!
Arc: Haha, very funny, you cannot damage the All Mighty Arceus witho-
As a Focus Blast hit him, Arceus fell to the ground, feeling for the first time in a long time hurt. Gira gasped as he realized what Darkrai had done. He watched as The Father fell and slowly started pouring into the shadows.
Gira: NOOO!!!
Dark: Yes... why are you defending our target?
Gira: I just wanted to overthrow him, not kill him!
Dark: Too late, now that I have the plates, I will rule the universe! And I dont need you anymore...

Darkrai used Night Blast on Gira, sending him flying off, critically hurt. Gira needed some help.
At the front of Uxies maze where they were speaking, a Ninjaskuzi (a messanger Ninjask) told everyone that they were in trouble! Uxie was too busy concentrating on talking to realize that Giratina was approaching (Uxie can only focus on 1 thing)! Rotom used Thunder, and struck Giratina.
Gira: Wait, I come in peace!
Ninjask: I dont trust him...
Rotom: Why should we trust YOU?
Gira: Because I want to help take Darkrai down; hes got all of the plates of Arceus!
Uxie: *gasp* That would mean... that Arceus is dead!
Gira: Yes...my Father is dead...
Everyone there except Rotom and Uxie: WHAT?!
Gira: I, Palkia, Dialga, Rotom, the Living Qualities trio, Groudon, Rayquaza, Lugia, Kyogre, Ho-Oh, Zekrom, Reshiram, Mew and Celebi all originated from the Creation World first. I was the last of my brothers and sisters. And Rotom was second-last...
Mesprit: Then how do we defeat Darkrai?
Gira: A Zoroark disquised as a Palkia stole his Dark and Fighting plate (lol a combo thats not resisted), and thats our only chance.
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 10, 2013, 09:37:36 pm
is it okay for that to happen after the myth has been told fully?
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 10, 2013, 10:16:09 pm
meta:" you know, i wonder, if only..."
Melo:" shut it Meta, we need a plan."
Gira:" I've built a portal to the Creation World. It could be our only chance, we need to see a friend of ours, Mew!"
Meta:" But if the zor..."
Melo:" Hadn't I told you to shut it? Great plan, Giratina, Mew could transform into, or create a new Arceus!"
Meta: "But the old Arceus..."
Rotom:" Is dead now, we know, but stop mourning Metagross. seriously we're his sons, but we don't mourn as much!"
Meta:" I give up!"
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Post by: sadold plz on August 10, 2013, 10:29:17 pm
Meta: I never get listened to!
Gira: Well, you see the problem with Mew is that she cannot trun into Full Power Arceus. But, however, the key to reviving Arceus is Cresselia
Rotom: Thats right... thats why Arceus was soo angry when he banished you
Gira: It was your fault. Anyway, we need to get to Cresselia
Meta: But whe-
Mesprit (butting in): Wheres Cresselia?
Gira: I dont know
Uxie:In the Alphomega Ruins, waiting to be saved
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Post by: Snaquaza on August 10, 2013, 10:35:10 pm
altho actually the catched Cresselia was an evil Ditto, but you didn't know that, you will save it and later you'll get wrecked from the inside, while the real Cresselia is trapped in Darkrai's Shadow, the deepest and darkest shadow ever, it is said that you enter a new dimension if you are getting in Darkrai's shadow and that getting out is impossible without Celebi using all its power and dying, which is something most Celebi's rather not do
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 10, 2013, 10:39:35 pm
And so, they started planning: the rooms are deep. It would be guarded by at least 5 layers of the most powerful pokemon.
Lass:" I even heard of a tyranitar and a hydreigon!"
Mesprit:" we need the element of surprise! Frosslass, how many people can you make appear out of nowhere?"
Lass:" Besides me? Just one!"
Mesprit:" for type coverage purposes, take meloetta when fighting layer one, then open the main door, so that we can all brawl in. We see the rest if the plan inside."
Meta:" We don't have to go, the old Arceus might..."
Gira:"I'll help!"

Giratina Joined the brawl (how many references have i made so far?)
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Post by: Eneomas on August 10, 2013, 10:47:16 pm
this part of the plan worked, but an alarm was hit, and the other 4 layers of guards geared up. However the middle 3 layers were no problem to fight through, but the last layer was awe-powerful, and needed a plan.
Chan:" I spied on them, and noticed a charizard, a hydreigon, a tyranitar, a conkeldurr, a sceptile and a Golurk.
Melo:" Wait, repeat?
Chan:" A Golurk, and a powerful one, too!"
Mesprit:"Lor... Darkrai must love this spot, putting one of his best guards on guard.
Reuni:" are you sure?"
Mesprit:" Very sure, he had one golurk in his service!"
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Post by: Meloetta on August 12, 2013, 06:45:30 pm
Me: We'll have to sneak past them, at least hit 'em from behind, that's our only chance.
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 12, 2013, 08:05:38 pm
Meta: "isn't that the same plan as before?"
Reuni:" why change a winning strategy?"
Mesprit:" Maybe because they expect it?"
Melo: "Those chances are slim, it would take a miracle."
Giratina:" Leave that up to me!"
Frosslass:" I'll help you, too."
Chan:" You can count me in."
Mesprit:" okay, that's settled, now let's show the world the REAL superpower of teamwork! (reference)
Meta:" Shameless quoting aside, how will we do it?"
Lass:" Leave it up to me, my *cough* 'entrance' is my specialty."
Reuni:" okay, Frosslass, create as much havoc as possible! When everyone is distracted, Chandelure can give us a sign to come in and take them by surprise!"
And so the plan started...
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Post by: Eneomas on August 12, 2013, 10:06:39 pm
exctract from the notebook of Mesprit:
Date: distortion world
Location: distortion world, but alphomega ruins to be exact.
Note: At first, the plan seemed to work well! Frosslass used the best hail I ever saw to hide herself in. Her speed was amazing, and havoc was caused in a mere ten seconds. Chandelure gave the signal and all of us went in. Noone knew what happened, but we did. Some pokemon were knocked out really quickly! Conkeldurr was knocked out by a psychic combination from Reuniclus and Meloetta, while sceptile couldn't stand the blazing cold from Frosslass and Chandelure's Fire Blizzard combination. Two down, four to go... We thought! But these four were the best of the best! Hydreigon kept it's counter Frosslass and her buddy Chandelure busy with his devastating Dark Pulses. Charizard smoothly avoided my thunderbolts, and Rotom's discharges. Tyrannitar shielded Golurk from all psychics from Reuniclus, while Golurk shielded him from meloetta's relic songs and Close Combats! And giratina... there was a chandelure around, a bad one! He chose to shadow tag Giratina so he couldn't escape. The only one who was free was Metagross, and he was trying his hardest to knock them out one by one, starting with Hydreigon, as that one kept most pokemon busy. And he was doing pretty well, His Meteor Mashes got Hydreigon to half health. Point is Hydreigon roosted the damage of, and just started again. but then, tragedy happened. I will never forget that moment.

I am writing this after this battle, and still am too baffled to describe what happened. as of now, we managed to get past the guards... but to a price.
Rest in Piece Metagross, may your sacrifice not be in vain!
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Post by: Eneomas on August 12, 2013, 10:26:20 pm
Extract from the diary of Metagross:
It happened, as was foretold! I didn't survive the Alphomega Ruins! I could've expected the fire blast from behind by the tagging Chandelure, but as i knew that my sacrifice would bring victory, i went with it! You all are curious as of what happened, well...! I Got hit by one of the most powerful Fire blast in the Distortion World! Mesprit, my best and only friend, went into an anger mode, with great consequences! He first used A thunderbolt as powerful as a normal STAB Thunder to tale down Charizard! And that was just the beginning! After that he used an ice-beam, well not just an ice beam, but like hyper beam power, and fired it around like crazy! The good guys could hide, but Hydreigon was obliterated and tyranitar was frozen more solid than an ice age could've done to it! When Mesprit looked for Golurk, he had fled! But Mesprit hadn't forgotten the murderer! This Chandelure, well he was not killed! Mesprit only tortured him, and the most creepy thing is... he laughed! he laughed all along! This Chandelure is injured so much, and is so psychologically hurt, he will never see daylight again! Then Mesprit finally calmed down! He was nursed for a good day, because he had drained all his energy in fighting them!
Now your question is, how do I know this! Well, I read ahead... this diary is made on page though, and I don't know how long... ErrOr, SysTeM FaiLurE, FraGmenTaTinG DisC Da...t...a......
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Post by: sadold plz on August 13, 2013, 12:50:39 am
(Finally back ^^)
Meta was rebooted by Rotom and reincarnated with the same memory and knowledge into an SD Cardridge. We got to the end of the dungeons, and we finally found Cresselia, and just in time too! She was fading very slowly away, and Reuniclus used a Flash on her to restore her of her Moonlight Power (MP lol). Meta was still alive and can talk but immobile.
Meta: Cresselia, youre the only one that can return us to the CW and defeat Darkrai.
Cress: Darkrai...wait [looking at Rotom], I find you eerily familiar
Rotom: N-N-No you dont.
Cress: Yes... You are the one that me his way; and Arceus couldnt save me so he put me here to keep me in this condition! If I ever went out, the planets would go all WACKY! Why should I trust someone that blames his Brother for killing someone? Why Id...
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Meloetta on August 13, 2013, 05:05:26 pm
Me: Where to go now
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 23, 2013, 10:50:24 pm
Lass: "something is wrong, Cresselia never had any special powers!"
Lass:"According to myths, Cresselia was responsible for the light in the evening. it once succeeded in doing so no problem, but then... I guess Rotom could tell about the facts better."
Rotom: "We were just playing, we were young"
Mesprit: "Well, i was kidnapped when i was 10 seconds old, yet my actions as 14  year old (switching sides) were more helpfull then yours!"
Rotom:"wow... and i'm ageless."
Lass:"People please, we need to have the story told with all facts!"
Rotom:"Alright, here it goes... (SoP?)
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Post by: sadold plz on August 24, 2013, 12:36:40 am
Rotom: Me and Giratina were playing outside in Gracidea Gardens (Creation World); before the Creation World was fully created.We found Shaymin and she said she saw a Pokemon that looked weak. Giratina... said not to--
All: What?!
Mesprit: Why--wait, so Giratina was an OK guy before this happened.
Gira: Yes, but the Distortion World corruped me; making me lose sanity and wanting to devote to payback and revenge.
Roto: Anyways, we went to see her, Giratina said not to, but me being mischevious and all back then I possessed her body and-- well, when I came back out of her, she was darkened; as well as the sky, and Darkrai came out of the shadows of the sky. Anyways, you know the rest...
Froslass: So you are really the problem that happened to everyone since the very beggining; literally
Rotom: Yes-- but I am good now! Now, since Darkrai has the plates, I have an idea. The Fist Plate is missing, and Cresselia can create a Dread Plate for us...
Uxie: Ugh, I hope this isnt another theory of yours...
Rotom: No, it is true. We just need a Moon Rod-- which is at Lunar Tower. Just to put it in summary, here is mah plan:
1 Get a Lunar Rod from Lunar Tower
2 Get a Fist Plate from Cresselia
3 Get Palkias and Dialgas Help
4 Get through a Spacial Portal into Creation World
5 Defeat Darkrai and return the plates to--

Roto: Erm, my plan isnt finished. Ill go finish it.
???: WAIT UP!!!
All: Huh? *looks in direction of voice*
???: Hey, its me! Remember me? Im Magnezone!
Uxie: I dont know you; for some reason, you are creating a disturbance in the SpaceTime Contineum.
Magnezone: Thats because Palkia spared me from Spacial Rift! He said to go help you guys!
Chandelure: Should we cook him?
All except Chandu: NO!
Magnez: My service is to catch suspect Pokemon, drag them back here to base, steal all of their stuff, and make them join. Seems OK to you?
Magnez: OK, seems fine to me! Ill go hunt! Ill keep in touch with you via Metagross.
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Post by: Rotom ń Giratina on August 31, 2013, 10:20:40 pm
Erm Eneomas may you please continue?
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on August 31, 2013, 10:36:45 pm
oops, sure. ehum.

Mesprit:"Still, something is wrong here, this just is too easy."
Melo:" Come on, you just went insane, you needed 3 days to recover, and now you start being mr Sherlock Holmes."
Lass:" No Mesprit is right, Something is wrong, Cresselia never keeps anger for a long time.
Melo: " He possesed her!"
Lass:" He did, but still... Officer Magnezone!"
Zone:" Bzzt, what is the matter?"
Lass:" Is there a law against impersonating legendaries?"
Chan: " I know all laws from all times, it's my hobby, there is! There's even a law here against killing pregnant puppies!"
Melo: " Who made the law system here?"
Giratina coughs very loudly
Melo: "oops."
Lass: " Officer, the pokemon in here is not a cresselia, it's a Ditto, kill it."
Meta:" Don't, it'll be of vital importance later. Locking it up will be enough"
Zone:" Understood. Bzzt. You can find me in the dungeon of the palace."
Lass:" Legend says, that only one of two mons can be free, either Cresselia, or Darkrai. That's why she was locked up.
Gira:" Then how do we get Darkrai back?"
Rotom:" It worked once, it will work twice..."
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Post by: Meloetta on September 01, 2013, 01:34:56 pm
Chan: " I know all laws from all times, it's my hobby, there is! There's even a law here against killing pregnant puppies!"
Melo: " Who made the law system here?"
Giratina coughs very loudly

^ best lines in the whole RPG
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Post by: cofagragus on September 05, 2013, 12:15:05 am
lol soo true xD

Anyway I read through the entire thing and am assuming that anybody can join, right?

Meloetta: Umm, Magnezone, why do you go "ZZZT"?
Magnezone: I dunno ZZZT!
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Post by: Eneomas on September 05, 2013, 07:46:43 pm
well... everyone can join under one condition: make an (epic)  opening for your 'main' mon.

like mesprit under the metal, nam's balloon (we're still not sure what he was thinking, we're carying it around just for the hack of it) or melo's sudden appearance.

Anyways, welcome to the team cofag, i hope you enjoy.
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Post by: Eneomas on September 05, 2013, 09:16:15 pm
Extract from the notebook from Mesprit:
"The discussion was a long one, but we finaly made a way to divide the roles. Meloetta, Metagross and me are going to the lunar tower, whilst Giratina, Rotom and Reuniclus went to the palace to create a gate to the Creation world, and Frosslass, Chandelure and Uxie went to the Space-time-gap, where Dialga and Palkia reside. I might write how it went later, but the travel will be harsh and we will not rest until we reached the tower. However, I can see the tower already... but only at night! It's like a lift between the Moon, the middle realm and the Distortion world.

(OUC: I willl do the lunar tower part, Rotom could you do the gate part, and Cofag, you might want to see your chances of joining this epic quest at Frosschan and Uxie's side of the story?)
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Post by: cofagragus on September 06, 2013, 12:46:58 am
Ok actually Ill move from 1 place to another :)

As mesprit and co. headed torwards Lunar Tower, a large entity headed towards them.
Uxie (please he is a source of info): No... not him...
Melo: Who is him?
Uxie: He is Lunix, the guardian of the Moon. He used to be an Onix, until 7 Onix from the Middle World were chosen to be the Guardians of the Sacred Worlds.
Everybody: WHAT!?
Uxie: Well... he has 6 brothers; him (lunar), Climix (weather), Spacix (space), Temporix (time), Solix (sun), Lighix (speed), and Thermix (heat and cold).
Melo: Oh Tauros shieeeet...
Cress: *grunts and moans weakly* It... is... me...
As he moved over, a rainbow but transparant stairway appeared all the way to the tower. But before you started, Lunix warned that there will be dangers beyond the stairway.

Meanwhile, Chan and Fross were hating eachother, either one getting too cold or getting too hot. When they reached Temporal Space Rift, they saw Dialga and Palkia in the horizon, only to be greeted with the two World Guardians Spacix and Temporix.
Both Chan and Fross in unision: We are defenders of Arceus, and we seek to--
Chan: Erm, talk?
Fross: Yes, talk.
Both Guardians: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! (references? lol)
Chan and Fross: Fine.
Both uses their respective special attack on the guardians, however, Spacix made their attacks freeze in space and Temporix stopped them in time; as well as making their physical bodies as they were hours in the past. Dialga and Palkia, though, felt the disturbance and saw a good aura in the two tresspassers.
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Post by: Eneomas on September 10, 2013, 08:18:08 pm
Mesprit:"Who were you talking to Lunix?"
Lunix: "Ow, we gardians have contact with our Master legendaries."
Mes:"does he really?"
Meta& Uxie:"Yes!"
Mes:" wow... I realy feel dumb inbetween you two."
Lunix:" You should, you sided with darkrai!"
Mes:" Oi, I was ten seconds old when I was kidnapped. I din't know any better. Hypodermic needle you know!"
Uxie:" Anyways, we are allowed to pass?"
Lunix: "Yes, under one condition."
Mes:" Which is?"
Lunix: "Get back my master!"
Mes: "We're working on that, however, what is the link between Darkrai and Cresselia?"
Lunix: "That's a very long story..."
Mesprit:"we have time, Meta needs to recharge anyways."
Meta (with one leg inside a socket): "T sup?!"
Lunix:" well then, let's begin."
 (OUC: I will write it why thank you)
(also, 200th post :D)

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Post by: cofagragus on September 20, 2013, 05:15:32 am
I will write it since theres no response :/

I talked to sadoldporygon on the smogon forums in a convo and he decided to make a little story (word by word copied from da site):
Lunix (in a strong scottish accent): Aye I dunt know what happened to Master Cresselia and the bloody demon Darkrai, but Rotom the Great sure does know!
Mes: What? You know Rotom?
Lunix: Oy, Ive known him since I was a wee chap, about the age of an Earth Onix. He was the one that created all of us Onix Guardians.
Lunix: What in bloody hell is going on with that infernal machine?!
Cress: The Moon Waves must be making Metagross malfunction due to the unstability to what it can do to electronics and DNA-related Pokemon, such as Umbreon and Metagross.
Metagross then shut off and came back on but calm and with green eyes (his power saver mode).
Meta: Im better now, Ill go contact Rotom.
[AOL Internet Modem Sound] CALLING CALLING
Rotom (on speaker): Hello? We are almost finished with the portal guys! What do you need?
Reuiniclus (on speaker): Yah Gira was a big help with the metal.
Lunix: Aye aye sir Rotom! I havent talked to you in a bloody long time ol' chap!
Rotom: Hey Lunix!
Lunix: What is thee relationship of Darkrai and Cresselia?
Rotom: Well... as I explained before it was a long story and when Cresselia was being distorted in the Creation World, she was being actually warped and vaporized slowly and painfully to the Distortion Castles. The Distortion Castles are northeast of Lunar Temple (or something like that) and are hidden in the mists of time and space. They only appear to the Chosen One of Dimensions, which I dont think anyone here is. Anyways after Arceus was done with banning Darkria from the Creation World...
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Post by: cofagragus on September 21, 2013, 07:39:08 am
... he transported Cresselia to Lunar Temple and sealed it with a power to all Pokemon Guardians there to only be defeated by good hearted Pokemon. Cresselia keeps the moon and light up in the sky (even the sun), but Darkrai is in charge of keeping darkness and prisoners with him. However, whenever the two meet, they become ultimately corrupted by the twos contrast and become offset from their sole purposes in the Creation World. The only reason Cresselia hasnt become unstably evil is because she was kept in Lunar Towers magical forcefield and kept her stable enough to recover from her severe corruption and evil. And if they come back together again, Darkrai will have sight on his true purpose in life again.
Cress: What will happen... to me?
Rotom: Erm... youll be purified of darkness and will be able to have life return as it was in the creation world. However, everyone that you have ever met will be forgotten.

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Post by: Eneomas on September 24, 2013, 06:03:00 pm
Melo: "Great, so we need to do even more to save our world."
Rotom:"not necessarily, team 2 is done making the portal, so we could go. Maybe we're chosen ones?"
Mesprit:" Speaking of teams, how is team 3 doing?"
Reuni: " Those two have most likely finished their job by now, they work so well tgether!"

Meanwhile, 10 hours ago.
Lass:" Where are we?"
Chan:" the exact same place as you asked three hours ago, and the same place we will be when we keep doing what we're doing!"
Lass:" Which is?"
Chan:" Going to Dialga and Palkia without strategy, as we keep on getting sent back in time and space."
Lass:"well, do you have a better strategy then, Chandelure?"
Chan:" look at that, miss know-it-all doesn't know-it-all."
Lass:" Why you little..."
Chan:" Don't you dare pick on my height."
Lass:"Oh yeah, well I'll just do what I should've done hours ago!"
Chan:" Which is?"
Lass:" I'll just make sure you don't feel the need to follow me back there."
Froslass sent a shadow ball to chandelure, who quickly reacted by boosting a flamethrower at her. Both were injured insanely much.
Lass:" Wow, that hit really hard."
Chan:" Indeed"
Lass:" To be honest, I don't see the use of having Dialga and Palkia at our side anymore."
Chan:" The most usefull words You've said in thirty seconds"
Lass:" Thirty seconds?"
Chan:" Yes, when we were going to the two for the seventh time, you actually said that this was getting us nowhere before, which happened a minute ago now."
Lass:" Aha... so give up."
Chan:" it's the only conclusion which I can draw, as the seventies law of Piplup says:' If you can't succeed after sevenhundred and thirty-three tries, you will never succeed, and give up'"
They started to head back to Giratina palace ,when suddenly a creature jumped out of the nearby bushes.
Creature:" Don't give up hope, you need to get dialga and palkia on your side, and besides, I'm done hearing you two start bickering over and over again."
Lass:"Chan, battle poses. Who are you? What are you doing here?"
Chan:" yes, madam"
Creature:" There is no time for an introduction. But i'm on the run, and had a great hiding place in the bushes over there, when suddenly, I heard two people bickering. I went to look, and saw you two! I was glad when you left, but then, something odd happened. You two respawned out of nowhere, I kept looking. In the end, I grabbed my beach chair, put on my sunglasses, and was timing when you would enter. It took days, if not weeks, until you two got at this time, but you two seem to respawn every five minutes."
Lass>>>Chan:"aha, so they warp us five minutes further, instead of deleting our previous conversation, in which case i have a legend that seems to fi..."
Chan>>>Lass:" Not now, I've heard enough legends."
Creature: "Ahum?"
Lass": oops, go on"
Creature:" anyways, this is special, you took ten minutes, yet you haven't respawned, so either you gave up, or you succeeded.
Lass&Chan:"The First one."
Chan:" Hey, we agreed."
Lass:" Well, that hasn't happened since the fourhundred and sixteenth attempt."
Both:" ah the times..."
Creature:" done with the nostalgia?"
both: "yes"
Creature:" Anyways, don't give up."
Lass:" But we more or less lost all our willpower."
Creature:" Funny that you drop that word, My speeches are known for giving people more willpower. Anyways, You will need to get to Take a different strategy. Arguing won't help, so try to go as a team. Also, if things go wrong Don't attack! It's better to be obliterated than to be trapped in a loophole all the time.
Lass:" Well, thanks for the advice, but We're just going for the option of fleeing."
Creature:" Oh come on. You two are the perfect combination. How can you two together ever give up? The sneaky Froslass and the increadibly powerfull Chandelure. You two were made for each other. I have a dream. A dream, in which We all live happily ever after. A dream, which you and your friends have been chasing after for about half a year now. A dream, which you two can accomplish! Now there is Proof that you two are the right ones to do this job. Nobody can stop you, so why act like time is doing just that. I stand here before you, and I can tell you, that where there's a will, there's a way. And that way, my dear couple, is the way to the time space rift. Say with me: "We will succeed!"
Both:" We will succeed."
Creature:" You said it yourself, so now go!"
Lass>>>chan: "wow, that's a really good speech."
Chan>>>Lass: "ok, then let's not dissapoint."
Chandelure and Frosslass set out on their adventure another time, and left the creature behind.
Creature:" Ah, I never get tired from speeching."
Golurk:" I know that!"
The creature turned around and saw Golurk behind him.
Creature: "Golurk! But, But, how did you find me?"
Golurk:" Oh please, you always press the intercom button when you speech. But no need to flatter me, why don't you just come quietly, we will just give you another brainwash and a special trip."
Creature:" Ha, you sent me everywhere, so where are you going to send me now, Golurk? Outer Space?
Golurk:" Actually, that's percisely what is going to be done."
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Post by: cofagragus on September 24, 2013, 08:15:47 pm
GOLURK: No one escapes from my grasp.
Creature: Excpet Rotom...
Golurk: Dont remind me of that! Lord Darkrai beated me silly for that!
Creature: I know but the plan worked perfectly this time for the ghosts; they have escaped our BoGHIDE (Brainwashing of Ghosts Hive Intelligence Determined Eternally), but with them Dimensional Distorting, they cant escape this time.
Golurk: Yes, thats right, Dusknoir.
Dusk: Little did they know that what was distorting time and space for them was not the Guardians nor the great  Palkia and Dialga, but it was us! We have been controlling Time and Space in this region for quite a while, and with the convenience of Froslass and Chandelure returning to our clutches, theres no telling what our reunited team can do! Even though I honestly disagree with Lord Darkrai [looking a little sad and worried], it would be nice to have our old gang back even if Darkrai wouldnt have sent us.
Golurk: True, I honestly hate how Darkrais running the team, and after all the gang were the ones that helped Darkrai where he is now, he used to be a low life!
Both angrily: An we are the ones that should be thanked for Darkrais ascent towards his position!!!
Dusk: We will need for them to come willingly if we are to overthrow Darkrai, that includes Rotom and Giratina...
Golurk: You crazy?! They both are good, not to mention Chandelure and Frosslass! Still, they might understand our motive.

Chan and Lass went on, and the time ripples stopped. The Guardians sensed good aura, and let them pass.
Palkia: Who must be YOU!?
Dialga: Were you sent by Darkrai? If you were, we will rip you from the current dimension and make you ANTIMATTER!!!
Froslass: We are sent be Mesprit and Rotom! We are asking that you that you help revive Arceus and defeat Darkrai!
Palkia: Well now, I really do not see motivation in helping you after all since Arceus was always mean to us...
Dialga: ... and isnt a great creator.
Chan: He created you!
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Palkia: "Yes he did, but he then put us in an endless battle."
Lass:" True, but that's the past, he gladly took you back after you stopped fighting."
Dialga: "How did you know that?"
Chan: "I told her."
Palkia: "and how did you know?"
Chan: "uhm, Internet? (reference :P )"
Dialga:" another one reading ahead?"
Palkia:" I hate that."
Dialga: "Yeah, me too, they always act so know-it-all, like that know-it-all Uxie."
Palkia: "Yeah"
CHan:" No, just wondering which story it was that I joined."
Dialga:" Is it me, or do we really need a protector of the fourth wall?"
Lass:" Legend goes, we already have one."
All: "Who?"
Lass: "Wall-I-Karp, the weakest magikarp Arceus could find."
Chan: "Well, that helps..."
Lass>>>Chan : "i think we need help, maybe that one ditto can help us."
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Back at the portal...
Gira: We should warp everyone else back here when theyre done
Rotom: Yes brother. Um... do you remember... Dusknoir?
Giratina stared at the portal and back at Rotom and sighed, and then started to speak

Gira: No matter how many times I look back at our past, I will never forget them, neither will I forget what we did.
Rotom: The last time I heard from him was when we to traveled Misfortune Mountain...
Gira: Be quiet! The Portal is reiniciting!
Portal: 10010101000101110110010100011100001010010001000100010100010100101000100000011111110100
A bright light emerged from the portal and the guardian Porygon Z came out.
Gira: Rotom, translation please.
Rotom: He said we do not have permission to enter.
Golurk: Well that can be arranged
Rotom: What the! Golurk, why are you here?!
Dusk: Because we need you.
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Dang twisted ending for a post  o_O This is great dialogue and writing, you should make the Chronicles of [place main character here] or something like that in book/text format and leave all unnecessary posts out. Why dont you do that?
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Actually its sadoldporygons idea to make this so I cant do anything official except sadoldporygon and Eneomas
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while I could try to put the finished chapters in one big file (one post) We would need to get permission from everyone, and they would have to remove their posts. Not an easy task to do considering SOP is banned, and I haven't seen topher in a loooong time. Sorry if it looks like were PC++'ing here, we try to not do that, and just make a fun story out of it.
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awell you are not really rigght about that since I have contact with hinm and you dont need everyones permission, it doesnt need to be one big post it just needs to be formatted into story format, edited to match the story and get a "special thanks" section containing everyone who contributed
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anyways, let's continue with the story:

After the meeting with Dialga and Palkia, Froslass and Chandelure started returning to the dungeon of the palace, where Ditto was locked up. when they were almost there however:
Lass (whilst walking):" ah, finally, we're back at a place we know. It feels like it has been a year."
chan:" technically, it has only been 21 days."
Lass:" I wonder how dissapointed the others will be after hearing our report."
Chan:" They will probably understand."
Lass:" Let's hope so... Chandy?"
Chan: "Yes"
Lass:" Wouldn't they tell us if there were new members in the team?"
Chan:" Yes, why do you ask?"
Lass:" I'll telll later, hide, quickly!"
They were just in time, because moments after they hid, everyone who was in the palace came out.
Chan>>>Lass:" Ah hence, yiou could've..."
Lass>>>Chan:" Hush, I'm trying to follow the conversation."
Chan>>>Lass:" hmpf, no need to be so cold."
Lass>>>Chan:" well, you're not doing so hot either, so now shut it."
Rotom (passing past the bushes where they were hidden): "Could you please elaborate on what you just said?"
Golurk:" We could, but we won't"
Reuni:" Why not?"
Dusknoir: " my dear Reuniclus, have you never read stories like these? Nine out of ten times the villian's downfall starts with him or her telling the so called "Heroes" their plan, while they are captured. We aim to avoid these common mistakes to at least achieve our goal."
Gira:" Which is?"
Golurk:" Keeping hold of the world ofcourse."
Rotom:" And how do we fit into that."
Golurk:" They don't... You do!"
Rotom:"Then why not kill the others off?"
Dusknoir:" hahahahaha, realy Rotom? Are you that ignorant. That would be like throwing your aces of trumps away for three sevens."
Golurk:" You see, if we kill them off, you would have a free pass to killing us. By keeping these others in living, we have meat shields would you choose to attack or betray us."
Dusknoir:"Indeed. It's elementary, my dear Rotom."
Rotom:" Don't you start going all Sherlock Holmes on me Dusknoir! Mesprit tries hard enough to do so and two is just too many!"
Golurk:" Then where is this Mesprit you speak off? He's not at Lunar tower, is he?"
Gira:" No, he's in Lunar tower now."
Dusknoir:" That's good to know, as he thus won't be in our way. He's just doing an useless job. By the time he gets down to give the lunar key to Cresselia, She'll be gone."
Rotom:" Well, just you wait and see, we will prevail!"
Dusknoir:" Fiesty little fellow are you not? But who will prevent us? Those two bickering idiots, Froslass and Chandelure? Ha, we took care of them loooong ago. They should be going on in an endless circle, always being sent back in time and space, in a vicious circle that will never end."
Golurk:" Every time they tried to get too Dialga and Palkia, we sent them back in time, and we put a curse on them to send them back whenever they try to use an attack. You are done for. But to be absolutely certain, we will get rid of your last hope. Cresselia, was it not?"
Dusknoir:" Indeed. Look there Golurk, an Absol. That means something bad will happen. And you know or motto: Whenever something bad for the world will happen, "
Golurk:" We'll be the ones profiting."
Both laugh evily and leave.

Froslass and Chandelure get out of hiding and move on slowly and silently.
Lass:" Have you heard what they said?"
Chan:" Yes, how dare they call us idiots?"
Lass:" Not exactly what I meant, but we can't attack! We need to get Dialga and Palkia to undo this curse."
Chan:" How?"
Lass:" By tricking them into coming with us!"

(*OUC* Might I please continue in line two (Lass and Chan). I know a statisfying way to go with them!)

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[OFF]: Well I can continue the Dusknoir and Golurk part, btw their plan was to reunite Fross, Chan, Rotom, and Giratina to the old Origin Ghost
Dusk: Well, I hope they heard all that.
Golurk: Then theyll fall into our trap
Rotom: What is the trap?
Dusk: Ah, you wont be able to contact anyone anyways, so I will tell you. First off, the only reason I captured you is we need you for something; dont worry, it is all a part of our plan to stop Darkrai...
Rotom: Liars! You are trying to kill Cresselia and you trapped Chandelure and Froslass in the EndVoidZone!
Golurk: But, you see, you mistook us! We realized of Chandelures and Frosslass' importance and set them free of the Time Elapse, and we knew they would return here at the very moment we left. So we tried to provoke them into following us into the portal, which has now been rigged to transform all Pokemon that enter into a mix of whoever fell in along with them! You see, before you were made, as Arceus told me, there was one ghost named the Origin Ghost. The Origin Ghost was an all powerful being along Arceus, as well as the Origin Bug, Mech and Dragon, but one day they lost power and they fell apart, creating all [non legendary] Dragon, Bug, Ghost and Steel Pokemon. And, with Chan, Fross, You, Me, Dusk and Giratina, we will reunite this just being and take down Darkrai! We will have a united mind, meaning that our decision is based on everyones thoughts, ALSO making us decide as a group on decisions in split seconds.
Rotom: Ah! I see the bigger picture now. What about Reuniclus?
Dusk: He will live but he shall not touch the portal or he will suffer eternal consequences in being one with the Origin Ghost.
Gira: Grrr, this plan is unjust, I wanna keep my body!
Dusk: Would you rather suffer eternal consequences!?
Golurk: Or would you have Darkrai stopped? We are honestly tired of his sorry butt bossing us, or anyone, around.
Gira: Its all part of the bigger picture, eh?
Golurk: Yus :3
Reuniclus: :(
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meanwhile: in the dungeon of the palace.

Lass: "Well, now the only thing we need to do is to find officer magnezone."
Chan: "Speaking of the devil, there he comes."
Mag:" Hello, froslass, Chandelure. Why are you two here?"
Chan:" Funny, and looong story. Let's just say, we need help."
Mag:" Of who?"
Lass:" Of Ditto!"
Mag:" Oh, well, funny story, that is not possible. He has... the flu."
Chan:" The flu you say, alright, we'll be back tomorrow."
Lass:" Hold on just a second here. Magnezone, you know pokémon can't have the flu."
Mag:" Can't they? well, he sure..."
Lass:" Also, in all of your words, not one was Bzzt."
Mag:" Bzzt, I don't know what you're talking about, Bzzt."
Lass:" The jig is up Ditto, stop your futile attempt to escape, we will give you your freedom anyways."
Ditto:" Will you?"
Chan:" Will wuhmm we will!"
Lass:" If at least you help us."
Ditto:" How can I be of service."
Lass:" We need you to impersonate a certain mon."
ditto:" Which one."
Chan>>>Lass:" Now I get your plan."
Chan:" Well, let's just say, you need to gain freedom from the law by breaking one."
Ditto:" Which Mon?"
Chan:" Let's just say law 23.4."
Ditto:" No, anything but that. I could be godkilled."
Lass:" Wait, what?"
Chan (ignoring Lass):" You could be godkilled, for being able to godkill, normally a good punishment, but..."
Ditto:" But what?"
Chan:" who can godkill a god, if there is no god to godkill?"
Ditto:" you mean...?"
Chan:" Yes, the person who hired you, was his murderer."
Lass:" I lost it with law 23.4."
Ditto(still ignoring Lass):" but what if HE comes back?"
Chan:" We're aiming to do that, and if you help us by breaking that law, I think we can explain."
Ditto:" Then why do you need a second Arceus?"
Lass:" Wait, how did you get all that babbling?"
Chan:" My dear Froslass, Ditto law 23.4 is you shall not impersonate Arceus."
Lass:" wow, you realy know every law in the universe... hmm... 15th law of Dusknoir?"
Chan:" Never kill, unless it is doomed."
Lass:" correct, 29th law of thrubbish?"
Chan:" Never eat a rotten Vannilite."
Lass:" correct, Second law of Newton?"
Chan:" F=ma."
Lass" correct, fifth law of Froslass?"
Chan:" you may lure little boys into dark alleyways in order to..."
Lass:" That's enough."
Arceus:" If you two won't stop quizing, I will make sure you're dead in two minutes."
Lass: "Wow, realy impressive inpersonation."
Arceus:" What did you need me for?"
Chan:" We need Dialga and Palkia on our side in order to get Darkrai down."
Arceus:" So you need the ultimate god to get the lesser gods on your side? Do you know how dangerous this is."
Lass:"legend says, that there's a 75% chance that Chandelure won't live, 67% that I don't live, and a chance of a mere 13% chance for you to get killed."
Arceus:" Which legend?"
Lass:" The legend of Statistics. Do you know where this one is from? ahum. But I believe he can save the world."
Chan:"I wouldn't know."
Lass:" Avatar:Legend of Aang."
Arceus:"enough diley daley, lets get moving. Next stop: the time space rift."

(OUC: not done yet with this line, they will end up in the portal though)

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Me and sadold love this wow youre a good story writer. But still use the name Ditto instead of Arceus so it is more easier to remember which we are dealing with. I will use codes to tell which area Im dealing with: LT - Lunar Tower, PT - Portal, SR - Spacial Rift etc.

Uxie: We dont have much time! We need to get Cresselia to the top of the tower to use Moonlight (lol) and restore her power!
Mesprit: Yus we do have to :3 but we wont make it up in time
Lunix: Ill help you out! We Guardians can warp to the location of our master Pokemons throne!

Lunix got everyone on his back and flew up to the tower and let them off.
Lunix: Get Her in!
They placed her in the middle of the floor when she started glowing with moondust and she was at full tempo with energy. She thanked everyone and she made a Dread Plate for the resistance and immunity of Darkrais attacks.

At the Portal...
Dusk: Ahahahahaha we will finally get rid of Darkra!!!
Golurk: Yes!!! [all the ghosts singing and dancing happily as if drunk]
Reuni: Well you realize that youll al be dead? And that Fross and Chan wont trust even Rotom or Gira since they think theyre brainwashed.
Dusk: Fine! You tell them the big plan! They wont think youre brainwashed since you have an auto-membrane-safety feature.
Reuni: Thats right lol
Golurk: So you trust us now?
Reuni: Hmm, yes, you look rather not brainwashed.
Gira: Thats because they cant be brainwashed, so they were forced into work and wil be punished if they slip up, so its not about the brainwashing (since Ghosts dont specifically have brains), its about being beatin to shieet unless we stop Darkra.
Reuini: Thats right, thanks for telling me something Ive never known before Giratina.
Rotom: Im the first ghost along with Giratina, but I dont remember an Origin Ghost.
Gira: Thats because... I was the origin ghost...
Everyone else: WHAT?!
Gira: Thats right, Im the origin Ghost, but at minimal power. My brothers Dialga and Palkia are also the Base Origin Pokemon, as well as all other legendaries.
Golurk: Wow..
Gira: Dialga will reunite all Steel and Rock types, Palkia will reunite all Water and Ice types, and I wil reunite all Ghost types. Rayquaza, Groudon, Shaymin, Ho-oh and Darkrai will all play a part in reuniting Pokemon. Think of it this way: if more thin 5 Ghost Types meet up with me, I will "mega evolve" into Origin Ghost or Ghost Origin. And same applies with other Origin Legends.
Dusk: That means... Darkrai can become even more deadly if he reunites with the worlds most potent threats like Crawdaunt, Sableye, Spiritomb, Houndoom and Bisharp! And thats why we should maybe get Sableye and Spiritomb first before they can fuse into a super Origin Forme!
Dusk: Precisely, and theyre our backup if we dont get Chandy and Lass into the portal. We need them no matter what.
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Yay a RPG!!! :3

I think I mostly understand this RPG since Ive read through and Ill start some branch stories ^^
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meanwhile in the odd faraway place called the space-time rift:

Chan:" I hope we didn't keep you waiting."
Dialga:" You didn't."
Palkia:" Who are you?"
Chan:" We're the persons you debated with, 3 hours ago."
Palkia:" Oh yeah, Zekrom and Reshiram."
Lass:" no, froslass and Chandelure."
Dialga:" Ah... those two, who couldn't believe that Arceus wasn't a good god.
Chan:" Well, we're back for round two."
Dialga:" round who?"
Lass:" don't even joke like that."
Palkia:" Well, what is there to still debate about? We won. It is obvious."
Lass & Chan:" OBJECTION!"
Dialga:" Why do you even come back?"
Chan:" Well, we're like a phoenix, right?"
Lass:" when we die, we rise back up again, and this time, we have a witness."
Dialga:" who then, Uxie, that know-it-all."
Palkia:" I hate know-it-alls."
Dialga:" Yes, I know, they are so knowledgable."
Chan:" you're repeating."
Lass:" And, no, it is not Uxie."
Chan:" We are only bringing in the right judge."
Dialga:" you don't say."
Lass& Chan:" We do. We call in Witness Arceus"
Ditto (still Arcues comes in with an overly epic entrance, and arceus cry).
Ditto: "Who has dared to doubt me?"
DIalga:" We didn't."
Ditto:" Ah, Dialga, Palkia, the seventh and eight mons I created. Why have you doubted me?"
Palkia:" We didn't, we just..."
Ditto:" Realy Palkia, you think you can avoid the judgement of me, Arceus the almighty?"
Dialga:" We never doubted you."
Ditto:" Well, froslass and Chandelure here have told me what you said."
PAlkia:" but how are you sure that they aren't lying."
Ditto:" because they are in the same league as mesprit and rotom."
Palkia and Dialga:" What?"
Palkia:" Why didn't you tell us?"
Ditto:" They tried to, but You wouldn't listen!"
Dialga:" then, how can we redeem ourselves?"
Ditto:" Help them beat the ultimate darkness."
Dialga:" We told you it was stupid to create him?"
Ditto:" He was number six, you weren't done back then."
Dialga:" Well, in that case we have no time to waste."
Palkia:" Indeedthereisntevenspaceforspacebars."
Lass: "We have some time for stuff."
Dialga:" Like."
PORTAl2 space core: " SPaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace."
everybocy is quiet.
Lass:" that was all time we had, we need to get moving."
dialga:" We will come with you."
Palkia:" I will create enough space in your transport."
ditto:" Why did i make a magikarp responsible for the fourth wall? Anyways, good luck, have fun."
Lass>>>Ditto:" thanks, we hope you stay on the right track this time."
Ditto>>>Lass and chan:" I will, thank you for the second chance."
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Extract from the notebook of Mesprit
Date: a little bit later
Location: on a speedy Onix
Time: I hope on time.
Note: I never knew a pile of rocks could move so fast. The travel up lunar tower was a fast one. I expected a dungeon with different lay-outs each time you re-enter it, and like 50 floors. Nope, just gliding up it was so much easier. With all the wind and G-forces backing us up, and the dread plate in our posession, there is no way we can lose. Hold on everybody, we are on our way!

Extract from Uxie's diary:
Dear Diary, we recieved the dread plate from Cresselia, but that was to be expected. I knew it. However, we will face more problems whenever we arrive at our "Portal to the creation world". More then we will facing Darkrai. I think that there is only one way to avoid this danger. We need Arceus to destroy the original power. However: Arceus is dead, and even the ditto replacement Froslass and Chandelure used can't remove the original powers. We will see what happens. I know it, but that is not the point.

Melo: "Oi, you two, why are you writing in those booklets? Isn't it more Sociable to just talk, and discuss our plan.

""No Response""
Lunix:" When somebody is writing, they are ignorant to all else."
Melo:" Well, we will lose without a plan."
Lunix:" You don't have time for it anyways, we have arrived at our destination."

Narrator: And thus, all three groups got back together, time for the final showdown! See it next time in Dragon Ball RPGEEE!
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[Growl] You left the part with Dusknoir and co. out trying to reunite the Origin Ghost >:(
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wouldn't it be more spectecular if everyone was there when the fusion happened? (well, one group was through the portal already)
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Meh ok but please make it where its already happening when they get there :)

U know what Ill try to make it
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looking forward to it :D
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after two weeks of waiting ( ??? ) let's continue and descripe the situation: Golurk, rotom and Giratina are in the portal, Dusknoir is trying to get chandelure and Froslass in.

Mes:" Hey everybody, hguess who are back... (see's actual situation) What in the world is going on here."
Dusk:" hmm, Odd, I hadn't foreseen an arrival of a friend. No matter, you're too late anyways."
Uxie:" As I feared."
Mes:" Wait, What?"
Melo:" As long as I can still attack you, we're on time."
Dusk:" Sure do, I can't do anything to avoid that... Oh wait, I can use your friends as meat shield. You could ask them what they think about that plan... Oh wait, they're ducktaped."
Mes:" Ducktaped? Made of Duckletts?"
Dusk:" No, of Swannas!"
Melo:" Anyone a translator?"
Uxie:" But that's Illegal over here."
Mes:"Wow, even with the ducktape over his mouth, he still is obsessed with the law."
Dusk:" Well, It's too late."
he pushes Lass and chan in the portal, ending the fusion.
O G : "Muhahahaha, why am I laughing evily?"
O G :" Misschien hebben wij wel effect op het karatar van deze creatuur."
O G :".rof trouc ot uoy ekat liww I"
O G :" Why are we speaking so differently?"
O G :" 01110010 01100101 01110011 01110101 01101100 01110100 00100000
01101111 01100110 00100000 01100110 01110101 01110011 01101001 01101111 01101110."
O G:" Dit zijn een paar onvoorsiene gevolgen."
Uxie:" As I suspected."
Mesprit:" You saw this coming?"
Uxie:" It ALWAYS happens when one of the origin creatures is created. The original gets 50% power, the others get 10%, but they fuse until there is but one personlity left."
Mesprit:" so 80% good, what's the problem?"
Uxie:" You don't get it, the origin creatures are the emergency stops, only to be activated for pure destruction. And they can only be de-activated by Arceus."
Mes:" So let me get this straight: A pure destructive creature has been summoned, who can only be disbanded by A pokémon who has been killed, man where will this end?"
O G:" 6e 6f 77 2c 20 6c 65 74 27 73 20 67 6f 20 66 72 79 20 73 6f 6d 65 20 64 61 72 6b 72 61 69 2e 20 6d 75 68 61 68 61 68 61 68 61 68 61."
//Origin ghost leaves//
Mes:" So, how will we stop this."
Melo:" Let's punch that Origin ghost till it dies."
Reuni:" And kill our friends in the progress? Never!"
All:" Reuniclus!"

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OFF: Ok just finished talking with sadold and damn that is a great story plot! But sadly the origin ghosts true purpose is unseen by Uxie (as it was created in the Origin World and Uxie cant foresee things in the creation world) and its real purpose is to stop anyone or anything accused of killing their master (Arceus), but since Uxie wants people to think she knows sooo much she made an educated guess based on her research in the Arceus Archives.

Back in Darkrais void world newly known as the Nightmare...
Kyurem: M'lord!!! You decieved me!!!
Dark: Wait, you?! I thought Meloetta finished you off!
Kyu: NO!!! You left me to die, and sent Hydriegon to make sure I was disposed of!
Dark: [reaching over for a Draco Plate] No, no, no, you have it all wrong, I sent Hydriegon to search for you!
Genesect: Sir! I have news! The Origin Ghost 6 has been released and will be here shortly!
Dark >> Kyu: Wait just a minute please, you will recieve your position back in our team when Im done.(to Genesect): What!? How did an Origin Ghost Level 6 break loose?!
Genesect: I dont know but our Magneprobes caught Dusknoir  and Golurk fusing them with a Rotom, Chandelure, Froslass and...
Dark: And what!?
Genesect: ...Giratina!!
Dark:[silent for a bit, then sighs] Well, theres no way to stop that thing with Giratina fused in. Well just have to block it off to all entrances and portals.
Slowking (Darkrais Advisor, Engineer and Scientist): But sir, thats just the thing. The Origin Ghost is the only Origin creature to be able to transport itself via Portals throughout dimensions, and it can be led directly here if it knows what # signal it can warp through to get here, almost like a radio station or walkie talkie line, but much more "destroy the world if not stable".
Dark:..... So it will be my downfall by beating me; AND sending those pesky godd-hearted Pokemon back to Earth!?
Slowking: Precisely.
Dark: But without the Dark plates, its hplss
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Sorry for double posting but I ran outta room sorry :<

.. helpless, and since they dont have the Dark or Fist Plate, they cant stop me! Besides, they are a long way from getting to the point of stopping me. Gwuhahaha! So what were you saying [putting down the Darco Plate and feeling no danger] Kyurem?
Kyurem: I was saying you will be stopped! DRACO METEOR!
Kyurem calls down meteors on Darkra and Darkrai is severely damaged from not having the Draco Plate when getting hit.
Kyurem [in the commotion]: Imma going to join Mesprit!
Darkrai [hurt and paralyzed] : Wha--why?!
Kyurem: You tried my patience and you will pay, mark my words!
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oooooooooooooooh cofag great job on the story (as always) but maybe, eh nevermind...

As Kyurem walked through the hallways, he went into the Dimensional Room where two Croagunks were playing poker.
C1: Hey Whattya doing here?
C2: Yeaah What ARE you doing here?
Kyurem: Nothing, I just need to know something...
C2: Whattya want to [gulp]... know?
( end of scene, scene goes over to the Origin Ghost)
OG: Ghrrraaaar!(Wait! What are we Doing?)
Inside their head...
OG F (Froslass): Well, you were at the part of Destroying the World
OG R: No, that was never the plan...
OG G: They dont know yet do they...
OG Chandy: Wait, know what?!
OG Gira: Umm... the original plan of being the Origin Ghost was to, erm, what was it Dusknoir?
OG Dusk: Er, the original plan was to overthrow Darkrai and use Giratinas antimatter to reserrect Arceus.
OG Fross and Chandy: WHAT?!
OG Rotom: Yes, that was the plan
Back in the real world...
A psychic blast from Uxie, Mesprit and Reuniclus was launched at the Origin Ghost, not knowing their true intention when fused as this form.
OG: What are you-uo-uo doooooiiiiinnnng?! GykssssaiachsoaisnddsbsisjQ!
Uxie: Its starting! The permanant fusion!
Mesprit: Wait, are you sure?
Uxie: [nervously saying it] I know everything! Do you doubt me a bit?
Reuni: Not at all...
Uxie: Then finish em off, even if they have 4 of our friends! If we dont every Pokemon will be helpless to this beast; it can warp through portals to the real world!
Everyone except Uxie but including the Origin Ghost: WHATAAAAAT?!
OG: We can warp to the Creation World and destroy everyone without searching?!
Mesprit: Uh-oh, we gave them an idea...
Reuni: Ill hold it down while you find a way to defuse Them Uxie!

Reuniclus used his psychic powers to hold down the Origin Ghost.

Uxie: Im soo very sorry, but from what I know, we cant defuse them without destroying space and time.
Mesprit: Well, thats fixed, we have Dialga and Palkia right here!

(eneomas help!)
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Meanwhile, at darkrai's

Darkrai: " Great, so now, the whole world is against me."
Slowking: " I'm not, m'lord."
Genesect:" Neither am I sir."
Darkrai:" But there's no way to win a war with an army of two men."
Slowking:" You don't say that you're going to give up."
Darkrai:" Ofcourse not, we can only do one thing."
Genesect:" Which is?"
Slowking:" Technically, we don't have a kraken since you got rid of your last heavy octillery."
Gensect:" What happened to that thing?"
Darkrai:" None of your business, though I wouldn't know what to do."
???:" I think I can help with that."
Darkrai:" Who?"
???:" Like a chicken comes from an egg, and a flower comes from a seed, Everything has it's origin. I'm the origin of evil. Death Star? I helped Creating it! Horcruxes? Wouldn't have been there without me! Compared to me, even Arceus looks like a sweet cuddly bunny! Everywhere where evil is, I'm too."
Darkrai:" So you're a god?"
???:" Call me a god, call me an Alien, call me whatevere you want to call me. But maybe, call me Moriarty."
Darkrai:" Why are you here?"
Mor:" Don't you know? You are in quite a pickle, aren't you? two groups trying to kill you? Both working completely differently, and once one problem comes down, the other has crippled you. I'm here to help... untill the moment comes when you have enough self-esteem to point me to the door. But when that happens, I'll enjoy watching your imperium crash down. As I did with Darth Vader and Voldemort."
Slowking:" Boss, are you sure we can trust him?"
Mor:" Shut up you, or do you want your Slowbro and Slowson to here about your affair with that Chingling?"
SLow:" I-I I don't know what you'retalking about."
Mor:" Of course you do! I know I'm not Rudy, but I know that I have Uxie's Knowledge, combined with Sherlock Holmes' skill for getting to know stuff, So I think that I know that you raped a whole family of Chi..."
Slow:" That's enough, that's enough. Please, stop him."
Dar:" So, what do you have planned?"
Mor:" Well..."
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Well is this going to be:

O G was almost finished being fused until Dialga and Palkia came and blew a flare of time and space at them, right after Uxie and Mesprit fired off an extremely powerful 500 BP STAB +1 SpAtk Psystrike. It hit OG and then the flare of time and space stablized the blast, and then everything went white and there was smoke everywhere.

When the smoked ceased, the Origin Ghost was still intact, and unfortunately fused, but Reuniclus was very damaged on the floor.

Mes: Oh Arceus no...
Uxie: As I predicted...
Mes: What? You knew this was going to happen?
Uxie: Umm... yes.
Mes: Grr, he was a friend and you didnt warn me?!
Uxie: I had to do it or...
Mes: Or what?
Uxie: Darkrai wouldve...
Mes: [looks at Uxie angrily] You trader! Why were you associating with Darkrai?!
Uxie: Erm... he promised not to brainwash us, I tried to stop him by erasing his memory but he was immune to it.  I had no choice! He had all the plates!
Mesprit: I wont believe it >:(
Uxie: Well, then again he made me wear a Choice Scarf so I really didnt have a choice anyways.
O G: We wont stop.
Uxie: We will stop you.
Mes: But even a 500 BP attack didnt hurt him. What can stop them?
O G: No need to talk in third person here when were standing right here. We will take Reunic--
Uxie: Dont take him!
Mes: We will tel Darkrai to hunt you down and stop you, even if we are enemies with him!
OG: Hahahahaahahaha, you dont understand do you? We were fused for the complete and sole purpose of stopping that fool in charge! We dont want you to get hurt, so stay out of our way and we might help you stop him at the same time.
Mes: Theyre lying! Right, Uxie?
Uxie: Umm... Im not...
Mes: Not what?
Uxie: Not sure...
Mes: What? You know everything though!
Uxie: As mentioned before, I dont know anything about the creation world, as well as Darkria taking my knowledge of the past. Tahts why I only know what was in the Arceus Archives about the Origin Creatures.
Mes: Oh dangit, so you really didnt foresee that happening to Reuniclus?
Uxie: No... I only said that to test you of your willpower and what you would do if it happened, think of it as a test of strength.
O G: I can heal Reuniclus.
Uxie: You can?
OG: Yes. [heals him and he comes back to life]
Reuni: Wow, that was strange, I imagine I died, but my ghost was floating around somewhere unfamiliar in the Ditortion world...
O G: All Pokemon end up in Afterlife Caverns after they die...
Uxie: Yet again another rhing I didnt know.
Mes: Well, if he went to Afterlife Caverns while he was dead, and if Origin Ghost can bring things back to life, can you bring Arceus back to life.
O G: Depends...
(please Eneomas finish this up)
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Melo: "Depends if what?"
OG:" Depends if the spirit of Arceus has moved on or not."
Mesprit:" what?"
OG:" Moved on, got into the spirit's next life. Every spirit may decide when it gets into a second life. I will show them their next inhabitant. Most bodies are spiritless in their first 2 to 4 years, and have little remembrance of those lifes, or of their previous lifes. Legendaries breed once creating one offspring at level 90. They die after one year on level 100, which is enough for their children to take over. The killed Arceus was level 86, which is a real shame. No offspring body can be used to replace Arceus. Only a Mew using ditto as breeding partner has a chance of creating a new line of life. If the new body would be uninhabited, I could, when Sober, put the old spirit, if it hasn't moved on, in it, fusing an Arceus powerful enough to retake the position of God.
Mesprit:" When you're..."
Metagross:"... Sober?"
OG: "So not in this body and not fused."
All: "What?"
Uxie:" Obviously, it's Giratina Speaking, ain't it?"
OG:" Consider yourself correct, Only I can Speak English. Dusknoir Speaks Dutch, Chandelure speaks in reverse, Rotom speaks in binary, Golurk speaks in Hex, and Froslass mimes (Meanwhile, the origin ghost waves hi). When the creature has one mind we can only speak in the ancient language of Letters."
Mesprit:" You knew that?"
Uxie:" I figured that. Translating all things they said showed that they weren't thinking as one, nor acting as one. Anyways, one question, powerful attacks split you temporarily?"
OG:" correct again, that blast must've been very powerful, as I have now spoken to you for 30 minutes. Each BSP extra only adds 6 extra seconds."
Mes:" Meaning you still have 20 minutes of soberness."
OG: "500 BSP?"
Mes, Uxie and Reuni:"Yes!"
Uxie:" It seems like we have to split once again. You still have 20 minutes of Soberness before you rage of to Darkrai, who will by now have met HIM, who tells Darkrai that he can fuse into the Origin darkness."
Mesprit:" HIM?"
Uxie:" No time, Fros, Chan, you know where to find ditto?"
OG (whilst nodding yes):" Aedi Lareneg a evah ew kniht I."
Uxie:" Find him, bring him here, and leave a.s.a.p. so that you will fuse again."
OG:" But it's so painful."
Uxie:" Just do it, only then will we know where to find and defuse you. We in the meantime..."
Mesprit:" ...Will split into two groups, one heading for Afterlife caverns, and one for Gene Isle, to get Mew and Arceus here, to create an Arceus to defuse you, Genius!"
Uxie:" Elementary. Good luck, the fate of the world might be in our hands."

Meanwhile at darkrai's:
Dark:" So I can fuse into a creature as powerful and with type advantage over the Origin Ghost."
Mor:" All you need are 5 other dark types, and a portal which even a two year old can make."
Darkrai:" That's settled then: Slowking, Genesect, Spread the word to my agents to get the 5 strongest dark-types they can find and bring them here. Moriarty, are you dark-..."
Mor:" I told you, I stand above regular typing system. And for those maths-fanatics, No Neither am I fairy type, now what are youmwaiting for. I would love to see how this one will turn out..."
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"Extract from the notebook of Mesprit.
Place: Afterlife Caverns.
Date: The exact same date as before.
Time: Exact same time as it will be next time.
Note: There is no time here >:( . I'm going crazy. How in the world did Uxie survive this distortive madness for so long?
Aside from that, Reuniclus, Metagross and I went here after a discussion With all of us. Uxie thought that Ghosts are illogical and thus was first to choose Genile. We all thought force was full priority in the afterlive caverns, so we split, 3 here, 1 more to Genile. We chose melo, as he's very bad in fighting Ghosts, though he insisted on coming. Therefore, Meta voluntered, as he also thought ghosts to be illogical. Anyways, we're rooting for all to succeed.
As Metagross would say: "Let's hope this chapter is done before we reach ten pages." I miss his reading ahead."

Reuni:" Mesprit, are you coming?"
Mes:" Yes, Let's hope we get past the guardian Hydreigon."
Reuni:" What are you talking about?"
Melo (shouting from a distance, not to them):" I could easily kill you to join your friends on the other side of that door, if I didn't know That my friends can most likely talk you over."
Unknown voice:" You shall not pass!"
Melo walks to the front.
Melo:" Can You come reason with this Hydreigon? He's just, argh!"
Melo walks back.
Reuni:" How did you know?"
Mes: "Every Underworld has a three headed Guardian, and ,aside from that, He didn't construct spirit armies when he worked with darkrai. He was Afraid to enter this part of his empire. This one part of his entire empire, which is as big as a universe! It had have a very negative type match-up. Result: the guardian must be a hydreigon. Now lets get down to reason with him, before we get searched for as criminals. Melo, wait!"
They go to the back.
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Mysterious Voice: Wait! I will help you acquire the willpower to reason with him!
Mesprit: Huh? That voice is familiar...
Melo: Hey! I dont like strangers that are mysterious!
Blue Creature: Silence! I am only trying to help!
Hydriegon; No one likes convos that get you nowhere!

Hydriegon uses Dragon Pulse on The blue Creature and Mesprit, but the blue creature avoids it swiftly

Melo: I dont give a crap about what you think we should be wasting our time on this Hydriegon! If he wont respond to persuasion, Ill handle him myself.
Blue Creature: Mesprit, is it? I require your permission to join you.
Mes: Sure... But who are you?
Magzule: Call me Magzule. I have the voice of confidence and have the power of ancient psychic powers, according to the people who raised me.
Melo: I dont care! I have the voice of KIKIN 3 HEADED DRAGONS' WORD FOR A DONKEY!!!!
Melo Close Combats Hydriegon but misses and Hydriegon uses Superpower on Melo

Melo: Oaaaw! That hurt!
Magzule: Well, Hydriegon, we dont want to hurt you; we are on an urgent mission to save Arceus and stop Darkrai.
Mesprit: How did you know that?
Magz: Ive been following you, preparing to get permission to help you.
Mesprit: For how long?
Magz: I think since you and your gang set up camp on Curles Flatlands.
Mesprit: So youve been stalking us since we first met Frosslass and Uxie?!
Magz: Yes.
Hydriegon: Well... if its that dire, Ill let you over, but the 108 Dark Spirits will be out of my control if you stay in the caverns too long...
Magz: Thats all we need; its 'nough to even get inside.
Hydriegon: Good luck...

(plz eneo cont. it for me)
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For Eneomas: This is a second post; read the post above this one!

Extract from Diary of Meta:
Place: Distortion Station
Date: I dont know, but my memories serve to me as saying it is yesterdays date; Im getting deeper memories of yesterday than today.
Time: About 6:34 AM yesterday; then again, time doesnt run in the Distortion World.
Note: I have no idea of what time it is for sure, or how Distortion Time works. But Im pretty sure its getting late; luckily we arent very far from departing to Gene Island. Oh, forgot to say that in order to get to Gene Isle, we needed to get to Distortion Station first. Its the middle of the Distortion World, and is connected to every major location in the Distortion World. Afterlife Caverns, Curles Flatlands, Spacial Rift, Gene Isle, the Arceus Archives Museum (AAM) and, what'd'u know, Lunar Tower! I cant believe we didnt use this station all this time...

Anyways, me and Know-It-All came with the Big Spirit to get the Pink Cat and Pink Blob to the Big Spirit and White Horse to fully revive White Horse and stop Dark Meanie once and for all. And.... 1001100100100101000100010101010101001010000001010001000001011000001011111100100001
/data Transferred --/|\--/|\-- COMPLETE
namememory.META fully installed

Sorry, as this is an electronic diary, it adjusts to anything that I install, and what happened to me is that Uxie, previously thought to be Know-It-All gave me a memory unit to help remember names. Anyways, we are at the departing station, waiting for our Light Speed Train (TST) to arrive, which is taking a while :(
Oh, there it is. We are departing to Gene Isle, and we are going to finally get Mew to end this war of darkness...
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Going along nice, I guess...

Meanwhile, at Darkrais...
Dark: Ugh, this is taking too long! When will I be able to transform?!
Mor: Well, you need to be patient. You are not a patient being. Unpatience and haste can bring you to your knees if you dont know what your doing.
Genesect: Sir Darkrai! I brought 5 of the most ingenious Dark-type Pokemon in the land!
Slowking: I dont like dealing with Dark types and their attacks, after all, I AM Psychic.
Dark: Silence your whining, Slowking! Who did you find?
Bisharp: the most powerful steel ninja
Sableye: the devious prankster that started DeviantArt and ended the Prank Wars
Tyranitar: the original Dark Monster of Destruction
Yveltal: the aural manifestation of Darkness itself
And Weavile: the lone Ninja who praises upon herself as being the fastest Dark-type around, as well as being one of the most powerful.

Dark: Well, that's a good lot, but I was hoping for Spiritomb and Hydriegon instead of Bisharp and Sableye...
Genesect: Ugh, theyre in Afterlife Caverns; did you forget how powerful the Hydriegon guarding it is? Hes freaking Lv 100, and it has hacked moves, EVs and Abilities, like it has Spacial Rend, Zap Cannon, Magma Storm, Fissure, and has freakin No Guard!!!
Dark: No matter, we only need these people, its a type advantage against the origin ghost anyways.
Mor: Please, dont be stupid. Even with the type advantage, always be prepared with more than what you need at your disposal, who knows, we might not win even with 9 Dark types fused!
Dark: Thats right... Thats why we should add some other types to the equation!
Slowking: You arent...
Dark: I am! Hahahahaha!!! Im going to fuse multiple different types together!
Mor: As I keep living, I see stupidity in every direction, such as Darth Vader troopers having unhuman helmets that is hard to breathe in, but this is the most stupid idea yet. Without Arceus at your disposal, youre going to fuse together multiple types!
Dark: Yes! Haha!
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damn hes going to fuse types together? ._.

Mesprit picked up a notebook from the floor and read the only readable page; as the rest was smeared

Extract from Notebook of Dusclops
Place: Shadow Dimensiom
Date: 3 years after my disappearance
Time: Ive lost track
Note: It has been 3 years since I got trapped in this spiritual world of shadows. It is not actually shadowish, it is just really foggy most of the time compared to the real world. I have lost my sense of touch and taste upon entering the Shadow Dimension; and everyone I see here cant see me, but I can see them. I can even effect their enviroment, such as subtle things like wind moving in the breeze in their world, but other than that, I am a mere shadow to reality in this world. I have no idea how to get back either... my consiousness and physical body are apparantly lost in the state of darkness no one can find their way through; there is no light here to keep the darkness from ruling. I cant even die either, Ive tried numerous times, and it all ended in very painful failure at returning to Afterlife Caverns. And I havent aged a bit either, I am stuck here for until who knows when, and Ill come back to the world unaged and normal; physically, but not mentally. The darkness changes anyone it engulfs, and the darkness can only be won over by light. Its a crying shame I am stuck here, but if you find this, please know not to try to save me without the original Ghost; as the darkness is too powerful to overcome alone...

Mes: Damn, everbody, look at this! We should he--
Melo: No! Enough wasting our time! We have more urgency finding Arceus than some wandering spirit!
Mes: Hmm, I guess youre right... But Im keeping this.
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hmm, let's have some fun

at AC.
Melo:" Wow, look at all those spirits."
Mesprit:" So you CAN be impressed."
Melo:" Don't act like i'm inpokane."
Reuni:" You sometimes act like it."
Melo:" Ok, one more comment, and you, and you, ugh, I'll use relic song, and kill you all ith Close Combat."
Mesprit:" Don't!"
Melo:" Why not?"
Magzule:" Because these ghosts will be countering with double force!"
Melo:" How do you know that?"
Magzule:" Experience."
Reuni:" You attacked them?"
Magzule:" I'm 15 cut me some slack, will you?"
Melo:" Hey, mesprit, weren't you 15..."
Mesprit:" Yes, I am, why do you wonder?"
Melo:" I don't. I'm just curious."
Magzule:" Anyways, how long have we been wandering?"
Mesprit Runs of in crazyness.
Magzule:" What's up with him?"
Reuni:" The fact that there is no time here."
Magzule:" Ofcourse... I thought his emotions must be getting to him."
Melo:" Hah, good one."
Magzule:" I was being serious."
Reuni:" well, shall we give chase?"
Magzule:" Knowing him, he'll most likely write in his diary (ouc, may I next post?) and come back here in an hour."
Melo:"But how, You don't know him."
Magzule (thinking to himself):" Don't I, tsk"

at Darkrai's
Dark: "We must get more mons!"
Mor:" To be honest, darkrai, you..."
Dark:" Need more firepower, I know."
Gensect:" I'll be going, where should I look."
Mor:" Maybe that Heidreigon might please him?"
Genesect leaves, slowking enters.
Slow:" Sir, Prisoner 15AF has escaped."
Dark:"What, for how long?"
Mor:" For five days already, ofcourse."
Dark:"You knew and didn't tell me?"
Mor:" My role is to advice and create empires, not to be one's slave. I work alone for your notice, I'm just not able to set up an empire myself, as I don't have the resources."
Dark:"Doesn't matter, maybe he'll show up somewhere, he can't have escaped the distortion world. Muhahahahahahahaha."

At GI:
Meta:" Well yelnow-it-all, where to go now?"
Uxie:" We'll know."
Meta:" Shouldn't we get moving then?"
Uxie:"We don't know where."
Meta:" Then why do you insist that we'll know."
Uxie:" Simple, we'll know in 5..."
Meta:" Not knowing it."
Uxie:" 4..."
Meta:" You're insane."
Uxie:" 3... "
Meta:" hmm?"
Uxie:" 2..."
Meta:" Is that?"
Uxie:" It is, 1..."
Meta:" Kyurem..."
Kyu:" Huff, puff."
Uxie:" I knew it."
Meta:" Kyurem, give me one reason to not let you meet Reuniclus."
Kyurem:" I come in peace, no need to kill me."
Uxie:" Well, If you join us, tell us one thing."
Kyurem:" What?"
Uxie:" You've done your research, so where is Mew."
Kyurem:" He's, in the middle of the island, in the middle of a maze."
Meta:" The everchanging maze?"
Kyurem:" Yes, how did you know it?"
Uxie:" Knowing him, he read ahead."
Kyurem:" So how do we get through that maze. Will we try endlessly, will we ever get through?"

At the end of the maze:
Kyurem:" Or we just use Uxie's knowledge off the layout."
Uxie:" Okay, time to get down to business, MEEEEEEEEWWWWWW."
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Extract of Mesprit's notebook
Place: Afterlife caverns
Date: Don't you start too diary, don't you start!
Note: Let's get this over with, I'm realy not feeling well. This whole thing of timeline is getting to me. I swear if we don't get above ground in notime, I might not make it. I'm turning insane.

Subject, subjetc uhm hum............. WHo's that Magzule? Yeah, that might get me off that topic. He is blue, he floats and he's fifteen, could he possibly be Azelf? If so, How did he trick Uxie into thinking he was sent to space. Or was he? Or will he be? Or is he not him? In which case, I need to confront him. Maybe he is who I think he is. Maybe I, wait, there's a stupid ghost passing through.

Mesprit:" Do you mind?"
Spirit:" Ow, excuse me mesprit."
Mesprit:" How do you know my name?"
Spirit:" I saw it in your diary."
Mesprit:" It's a notebook, ok?"
Spirit:" anyways, I wouldn't be good if I didn't know you, I have sometimes thought of moving on, but you had to come eventualy."
Mesprit:" Wait, don't tell me..."
Spirit:" Yes, I'm Arceus' Spirit."
Mesprit:" That's great news, now, let's get you back to your body."
Spirit:" Don't you need your friends?"
Mesprit:" Great plan, wait, I'll use this TM hyper voice to call on them."
Spirit:"Good, wait what? NO!"
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Meanwhile in a Light Speed Train heading for Gene Isle...
Meta: I finally know your name, Uxie!
Uxie: Yes, you'll finally stop calling people weird names, like Pudding and Know-It-All...
Meta: Yes! Im finally free of amnesia!Uxie: Well, you will need to update it every now and then.
Meta: I'll still be great!
Announcement: We are now arriving at Gene Isle!
Uxie: Lets go.

Metagross and Uxie got off onto the island, along with a Haxorus and a Goodra.

Meta [Holding up map]: Should we head to Mew Palace... or should we head over to the information building?
Uxie: I dunno, but lets go check Mew Palace first.

They walked down to an elevator that leads to Mews underground Palace. They then walked towards the reception counter and asked for an appointment w/ Mew very quickly.
Uxie: But its urgent!
Yanma: Well, Mew isnt seeing anyone at the moment...
Meta: ITS URGENT [on his Megaspeakers]!!!!!
Yanma: If you dont leave Ill call security.
Uxie: Fine

They go into a hallway to the left, secretly go into the elevator and go into Mews office.
Mew: Huh? Who are you?
Meta: We need you!

Metagross Meteor Mashed Mew and Uxie threw him into a bag and dragged him away.
Meta: Its the only way to save Arceus.
Mew:[muffled] wha--?
Uxie: Lets go!

But before they could reach the elevator, the Goodra and Haxorus that had gotten off with them had appeared in from of them, guarding the door
Meta: Outta my way!
Uxie: We are on an urgent mission.
Goodra: You wont leave with Mew! We wont let you stop Darkrais plan!
Uxie: So this is what its about!
Haxorus: Hahaha, youre soo stupid. No one visits this place for non-business matter!
Goodra: We knew you would try to get Mew, besides, you two will look like criminals trying to kidnap Mew and we will lok like heroes! So its a win-win for Darkrai!
Uxie: We wont stop!
Meta: We cant stop!

to be continued.
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First off: "Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic." <-- That, is pretty genius!

Second off:" Well, a lot has happened hasn't it? The server is offline, the LMAG of LMAGT has stranded, and everyone just left I guess. I think I'm here talking to myself really, but I would still care to finish this thing. Without further ado":

Meta:" Wait a second, Uxie, how will we win this battle? There is someone here I don't know. If you didn't just update me I think I might've crashed."
Uxie:" That what you get for not updating in five months. I will update you as soon as we're done battling here. All you need to know for now is that this dragon will slow you down if you hit it physically."
Meta:"So, psychic?"
Uxie:" Well, that would be what I'd advise, if it didn't have an insane special defense stat. No, physical attack is the way to go."
Meta:" Okay, that will..."
At that moment Goodra uses infestation on Metagross, followed by a heavy hitting dragon claw by Haxorus. It was almost knocked out. But Uxie saw it's opportunity to hit back with a psychic on Goodra and immediately placed a future sight on Haxorus. Two moves remained. Metagross was stuck in place because of infestation, but still used a powerfull meteor mash on Goodra. Yet the goodra shrugged it off like it was nothing. If that wasn't unfortunate enough, the goo on Goodra's body didn't slow Metagross down. Rather, it stuck two of meta's claws together. Haxorus, knowing he was on a timer, started dancing like a madman. Dragon dancing...

Meanwhile in the void:
Mor:" That darkrai is taking too long finishing up his plan. Patience is a virtue, yes, but you have to know the difference between patience and stalling infinetely. That second thing is what he's doing. If he doesn't hurry up, soon his efforts will all have been in vain."
Slowking(just entering):" So you admit that you do not know what you are doing. You told him he was acting too rashly just 5 posts ago."
Mor:" Ah, the rapist. How funny that of all people, you are the one to point that out."
Slowking:" I told you it was just a one night stand."
Mor:" Ha, go tell that to that mother."
Slowking:" Can we get away from this topic? Kids still have to read this stuff."
Mor:" Well, as to your question, yes I told him to be patient. But that was before he started experimenting with type fusion. That concept, that one concept, while it could work out in his favour, stacks the odds against him. Even with me on his side! That is an achiecement even Dr. Wily couldn't accomplish. And he lost to the same guy eleven times! It bothers me."
Slowking:" You told him the origin darkness wasn't assured victory against the origin ghost!
Mor:" But this is not the answer! Hell, he even ordered my DNA."
Slow:"How do you..."
Mor:" I told you I have Holmes' talent for deduction. Did you seriously think I didn't notice Genesect coming into my room a little while ago while I was recharging. He was very stealthy, yes, but nobody can be too stealthy for me."
Slow:" Recharging?"
Mor:" I do not sleep. Sleep is for those who cannot destroy empires in three blinks. The only thing I need is a bit of recharging. One coffee can keep me working for 196 hours. I do need to drink it slowly, though that is my obvious drawback."
Slow:" I still stick to it, it is your fault."
Mor:" Say what you will, it is your boss who has spent the last three days trying to figure out a new type, and it is your boss who has almost thrown away his chances to victory."
Darkrai (from the next room):" It is done, hahaha, it is done! This was worth not sleeping for."
Slow:" Who stacked the odds against his favour now?"
Mor:"I want to see it, before I believe it. Coming!"
(they walk into the back room)
Dark:"How do you like it?"
Slow:"You have outdone yourself."
Mor:"Is it thoroughly tested? What are it's match-ups?"
Dark:" Doesn't matter. It is immune to ghost and fighting, that's enough. I shall call it... Infrared-type... Muhahahahah."

I might continue this, but I'll see if anyone catches this.
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Snaquaza on April 18, 2014, 11:16:13 pm
Eneo, everyone moved on, Tervari is cancelled and I don't actually know where most people are, if you ever feel the need to find me, look in the Mafia room at main (@ there) or in the Dutch room at which I'm room owner
Title: Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
Post by: Eneomas on December 10, 2014, 09:31:43 pm
If anyone cares, I'm going to finish the story... sort of, in a private fashion. if anyone wants to take credit, or see what I've done with the story, once it's done, please speak up.