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Author Topic: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour  (Read 3635 times)


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Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« Reply #90 on: November 30, 2013, 08:14:51 pm »
Extract of Mesprit's notebook
Place: Afterlife caverns
Date: Don't you start too diary, don't you start!
Note: Let's get this over with, I'm realy not feeling well. This whole thing of timeline is getting to me. I swear if we don't get above ground in notime, I might not make it. I'm turning insane.

Subject, subjetc uhm hum............. WHo's that Magzule? Yeah, that might get me off that topic. He is blue, he floats and he's fifteen, could he possibly be Azelf? If so, How did he trick Uxie into thinking he was sent to space. Or was he? Or will he be? Or is he not him? In which case, I need to confront him. Maybe he is who I think he is. Maybe I, wait, there's a stupid ghost passing through.

Mesprit:" Do you mind?"
Spirit:" Ow, excuse me mesprit."
Mesprit:" How do you know my name?"
Spirit:" I saw it in your diary."
Mesprit:" It's a notebook, ok?"
Spirit:" anyways, I wouldn't be good if I didn't know you, I have sometimes thought of moving on, but you had to come eventualy."
Mesprit:" Wait, don't tell me..."
Spirit:" Yes, I'm Arceus' Spirit."
Mesprit:" That's great news, now, let's get you back to your body."
Spirit:" Don't you need your friends?"
Mesprit:" Great plan, wait, I'll use this TM hyper voice to call on them."
Spirit:"Good, wait what? NO!"
I never knew how smart I was,
until I realised how dumb most other people tend to be.


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Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« Reply #91 on: December 01, 2013, 07:43:07 pm »
Meanwhile in a Light Speed Train heading for Gene Isle...
Meta: I finally know your name, Uxie!
Uxie: Yes, you'll finally stop calling people weird names, like Pudding and Know-It-All...
Meta: Yes! Im finally free of amnesia!Uxie: Well, you will need to update it every now and then.
Meta: I'll still be great!
Announcement: We are now arriving at Gene Isle!
Uxie: Lets go.

Metagross and Uxie got off onto the island, along with a Haxorus and a Goodra.

Meta [Holding up map]: Should we head to Mew Palace... or should we head over to the information building?
Uxie: I dunno, but lets go check Mew Palace first.

They walked down to an elevator that leads to Mews underground Palace. They then walked towards the reception counter and asked for an appointment w/ Mew very quickly.
Uxie: But its urgent!
Yanma: Well, Mew isnt seeing anyone at the moment...
Meta: ITS URGENT [on his Megaspeakers]!!!!!
Yanma: If you dont leave Ill call security.
Uxie: Fine

They go into a hallway to the left, secretly go into the elevator and go into Mews office.
Mew: Huh? Who are you?
Meta: We need you!

Metagross Meteor Mashed Mew and Uxie threw him into a bag and dragged him away.
Meta: Its the only way to save Arceus.
Mew:[muffled] wha--?
Uxie: Lets go!

But before they could reach the elevator, the Goodra and Haxorus that had gotten off with them had appeared in from of them, guarding the door
Meta: Outta my way!
Uxie: We are on an urgent mission.
Goodra: You wont leave with Mew! We wont let you stop Darkrais plan!
Uxie: So this is what its about!
Haxorus: Hahaha, youre soo stupid. No one visits this place for non-business matter!
Goodra: We knew you would try to get Mew, besides, you two will look like criminals trying to kidnap Mew and we will lok like heroes! So its a win-win for Darkrai!
Uxie: We wont stop!
Meta: We cant stop!

to be continued.
"Theres no way of changing your  fate, unless of course you're Arceus, now thats a completely different story..."
- Arceus, wait, no, GLaDOS


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Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« Reply #92 on: April 12, 2014, 10:57:18 pm »
First off: "Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic." <-- That, is pretty genius!

Second off:" Well, a lot has happened hasn't it? The server is offline, the LMAG of LMAGT has stranded, and everyone just left I guess. I think I'm here talking to myself really, but I would still care to finish this thing. Without further ado":

Meta:" Wait a second, Uxie, how will we win this battle? There is someone here I don't know. If you didn't just update me I think I might've crashed."
Uxie:" That what you get for not updating in five months. I will update you as soon as we're done battling here. All you need to know for now is that this dragon will slow you down if you hit it physically."
Meta:"So, psychic?"
Uxie:" Well, that would be what I'd advise, if it didn't have an insane special defense stat. No, physical attack is the way to go."
Meta:" Okay, that will..."
At that moment Goodra uses infestation on Metagross, followed by a heavy hitting dragon claw by Haxorus. It was almost knocked out. But Uxie saw it's opportunity to hit back with a psychic on Goodra and immediately placed a future sight on Haxorus. Two moves remained. Metagross was stuck in place because of infestation, but still used a powerfull meteor mash on Goodra. Yet the goodra shrugged it off like it was nothing. If that wasn't unfortunate enough, the goo on Goodra's body didn't slow Metagross down. Rather, it stuck two of meta's claws together. Haxorus, knowing he was on a timer, started dancing like a madman. Dragon dancing...

Meanwhile in the void:
Mor:" That darkrai is taking too long finishing up his plan. Patience is a virtue, yes, but you have to know the difference between patience and stalling infinetely. That second thing is what he's doing. If he doesn't hurry up, soon his efforts will all have been in vain."
Slowking(just entering):" So you admit that you do not know what you are doing. You told him he was acting too rashly just 5 posts ago."
Mor:" Ah, the rapist. How funny that of all people, you are the one to point that out."
Slowking:" I told you it was just a one night stand."
Mor:" Ha, go tell that to that mother."
Slowking:" Can we get away from this topic? Kids still have to read this stuff."
Mor:" Well, as to your question, yes I told him to be patient. But that was before he started experimenting with type fusion. That concept, that one concept, while it could work out in his favour, stacks the odds against him. Even with me on his side! That is an achiecement even Dr. Wily couldn't accomplish. And he lost to the same guy eleven times! It bothers me."
Slowking:" You told him the origin darkness wasn't assured victory against the origin ghost!
Mor:" But this is not the answer! Hell, he even ordered my DNA."
Slow:"How do you..."
Mor:" I told you I have Holmes' talent for deduction. Did you seriously think I didn't notice Genesect coming into my room a little while ago while I was recharging. He was very stealthy, yes, but nobody can be too stealthy for me."
Slow:" Recharging?"
Mor:" I do not sleep. Sleep is for those who cannot destroy empires in three blinks. The only thing I need is a bit of recharging. One coffee can keep me working for 196 hours. I do need to drink it slowly, though that is my obvious drawback."
Slow:" I still stick to it, it is your fault."
Mor:" Say what you will, it is your boss who has spent the last three days trying to figure out a new type, and it is your boss who has almost thrown away his chances to victory."
Darkrai (from the next room):" It is done, hahaha, it is done! This was worth not sleeping for."
Slow:" Who stacked the odds against his favour now?"
Mor:"I want to see it, before I believe it. Coming!"
(they walk into the back room)
Dark:"How do you like it?"
Slow:"You have outdone yourself."
Mor:"Is it thoroughly tested? What are it's match-ups?"
Dark:" Doesn't matter. It is immune to ghost and fighting, that's enough. I shall call it... Infrared-type... Muhahahahah."

I might continue this, but I'll see if anyone catches this.
I never knew how smart I was,
until I realised how dumb most other people tend to be.


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Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« Reply #93 on: April 18, 2014, 11:16:13 pm »
Eneo, everyone moved on, Tervari is cancelled and I don't actually know where most people are, if you ever feel the need to find me, look in the Mafia room at main (@ there) or in the Dutch room at which I'm room owner


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Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« Reply #94 on: December 10, 2014, 09:31:43 pm »
If anyone cares, I'm going to finish the story... sort of, in a private fashion. if anyone wants to take credit, or see what I've done with the story, once it's done, please speak up.
I never knew how smart I was,
until I realised how dumb most other people tend to be.


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