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Author Topic: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour  (Read 795 times)


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Re: (Sadolds RPG) (Part 4) Cresselias Darkest Hour
« Reply #90 on: November 30, 2013, 08:14:51 pm »
Extract of Mesprit's notebook
Place: Afterlife caverns
Date: Don't you start too diary, don't you start!
Note: Let's get this over with, I'm realy not feeling well. This whole thing of timeline is getting to me. I swear if we don't get above ground in notime, I might not make it. I'm turning insane.

Subject, subjetc uhm hum............. WHo's that Magzule? Yeah, that might get me off that topic. He is blue, he floats and he's fifteen, could he possibly be Azelf? If so, How did he trick Uxie into thinking he was sent to space. Or was he? Or will he be? Or is he not him? In which case, I need to confront him. Maybe he is who I think he is. Maybe I, wait, there's a stupid ghost passing through.

Mesprit:" Do you mind?"
Spirit:" Ow, excuse me mesprit."
Mesprit:" How do you know my name?"
Spirit:" I saw it in your diary."
Mesprit:" It's a notebook, ok?"
Spirit:" anyways, I wouldn't be good if I didn't know you, I have sometimes thought of moving on, but you had to come eventualy."
Mesprit:" Wait, don't tell me..."
Spirit:" Yes, I'm Arceus' Spirit."
Mesprit:" That's great news, now, let's get you back to your body."
Spirit:" Don't you need your friends?"
Mesprit:" Great plan, wait, I'll use this TM hyper voice to call on them."
Spirit:"Good, wait what? NO!"
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