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Author Topic: [LGOPA] GTS  (Read 13 times)


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« on: November 23, 2013, 08:09:40 pm »
Welcome to the GTS! We offer trades among a variety of Pokemon and offer only valid Pokemon. You may offer a Pokemon and a Pokemon you want to trade for and any specific rquirements such as stats.
Currently Offered:

Zekrom for Zekrom (Max Atk Stat 1)

Magmar for Heracross w/ 17 or more Atk

Gyarados for Milotic

Lampent for Beedrill w/ 12 Atk Or More

Feebas for Vulpix

Klink for Joltik

Rampardos for Bastiodon

Squirtle for either a Magnemite, Spheal or Terix

Torterra for Blastoise

Beldum for Bagon

Mr. Mime for Ariados

Blaziken for Torterra

Haunter for Graveler

Beedrill for Ledyba w/ SpDef of 8 or more

Shedinja for Krookodile
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