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Author Topic: The Realistic Metagame  (Read 33 times)


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The Realistic Metagame
« on: October 03, 2013, 03:07:24 am »
Proposing a new metagame named the Realistic Metagame similar to Namines proposal for Eurasian mons (which got 3 - 2 votes positive btw)

Flame Charge raises Attack and Speed but is 30 BP
Poison Sting now 60 BP
Acrobatics now gets Technician boost before raising its BP
Illusion now treats the user of it as a copy of the Illusion Pokemon
Solar Power now doubles SpAtk of user when sunny
Serperior is Dragon/Grass and has Contrary/Chlorophyll/Harvest as well as Draco Meteor and 100 base Atk and SpAtk stats
Charizard is now Dragon/Fire and gets Draco Meteor, Lava Plume and has the abilities: Levitate/No Guard and also has 120 Base SpAtk stat and 101 base Speed
Feraligatr gets Water/Dragon typing, Dragon Rush, Draco Meteor, Sheer Force, Fire Fang and gets 125 Base Attack Stat

Type chart changes:
Steel SE to Grass, Dragon and Poison
Water SE to Ice and Steel
Fighting SE against Dragon
Flying SE to Ground and Normal
Psychic SE to Dark
Ice SE to Water
Electric SE to Steel and Grass
Bug SE to Poison
Fire neutral against Dragon and Steel
Ice neutral to Fire and Dragon
Dark NVE to Psychic
Ice NVE against Flying
Bug NVE to Grass
Poison NVE to Bug
Ghost is immune to Ground, Flying, Steel and Rock
Poison is immune to Poison (lol)
Grass is immune to Water
Water is immune to Fire

Electro Ball now has a set BP of 100
Fire Blast has 130 BP but 75 Acc
Magnezone and Magneton both have speed stat of 100
Metagross now has Intimidate and Sturdy to work with
Salamence now has Sheer Force to work with
Metang has Heatproof and Sturdy
Beldum has SonicBoom, Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
All Pokemon with some sort of punching move has Meteor Mash now (in the description of MM it says like a meteor not literally I dont get why no one else gets it
Explosion and SD is 150 BP and both SelfDestruct and Explosion get 50% lower in Defense like old mechanics
The Therians are all Dragon-type plus their specialty type such as Flying and Electric
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Re: The Realistic Metagame
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2013, 06:50:26 am »
Stop making random Metagames without getting them accepted first


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