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Should Eurasian Mons Be an OM?

4 (66.7%)
2 (33.3%)

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Author Topic: Eurasian-Mons  (Read 45 times)


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« on: September 01, 2013, 02:29:07 pm »


Light ball: Raises all the stats of pikachu by 1.5X and Raichu's by 1.25X, Pichu stats by 2X.
Black Sludge: Now heals poison types by 1/8 of their health.
Poison Barb: Raises poison types's accurussy by 30% instead of powering up.
Heat/Ice/Damp/Soft Rock : turn weather: 10
Muscle Band: Raises physicall attacks by 20%
Scope/Wide/Zoom Lense: Acc. 20X
Wise Glasses: Raises special attacks by 20%
Stick: Boosts Farfetch'd Attack and Special Attack by 50%
Eviolite: 1.75X on 1 stage from a 3 stage evo line, 1,5X on the second stage of a 3 evo-line. No change on 2 stage.
Rare Bone: Now acts as offensive eviolite, it boost the attack and special attack of not fully evolved mons by 25%

All DW abilities allowed.
Moody allowed but: only 1 stat raise by 1, no stat drop, no evasivenss boost.
Minus and Plus: Boost Like Download.
Air Lock + Cloud nine : Remove Weather.
Swift Swim unbanned but only 50% boost
Chlorophyl: 50% boost
Sand Rush: 50% boost
Shell armor: Raises defenses by 10% (still blocking crits)
Battle Armor: Raises Attack by 10% (still blocking crits)
Solid Rock: Halfs SE Attacks.
Filter: Halfs Non-SE Attacks
Infiltrator: Illusion
Illuminate: Acc on the field 30X.
Glutony: Uses berry at 100% hp
Rain Dish now heals: 1/8 in rain
Ice body now heal 1/8 in hail
Slow Start: Lowers Speed and Attack of the user by 33% instead of 50%

Smeargle: speed: 100
Kyurem-B: now got Icicle Crash and got ''banned'' to ubers (this is just for the -20 in stats)
Kyurem-N: speed-105
Bronzong: + Heal Bell
Flygon: Levitate + Compound Eyes + Tinted lense.
Raichu And Pikachu And Pichu banned to RU (just so no boost)
Ferrothorn/Feroseed: +Rapid Spin
Girafarig: Psychic/Dark, + Dark Pulse, + Sucker Punch.
Cofagrigus: + Cursed Body.
Torterra: + Harvest , + Shell Smash
Blastoise: + Shell Smash
Onix: 80 Atk, + Coil
Steelix: 105 attack + Coil
Wailord: + Levitate
Samurott: Water/fighting + Drizzle, + Focus Blast
Lapras: + Hail Warning
Claydoll: + Sand Stream
Heatmor: + Drought
Kangaskan: + Cloud Nine, + Double Hit
Krookodile: + Sand Rush
Sunflora: + Poison Heal
Farfetch'd: + Hurricane
Meganium: Grass/Dragon, + Natural Cure, + Dragon Pulse, + Draco Meteor
Spiritomb: + Dark Void
Archeops: + Sturdy
Aerodactyl: + Brave Bird, + Head Smash
Gyarados: + Acrobatics
Milotic: + Multiscale
Maractus: + Sand Rush
Cacturne: + Sand Rush
Zapdos: +Hurricane, +Air Slash
Sceptile: Dragon/Grass+ Draco Meteor
Charizard: Fire/Dragon, + Draco Meteor, + Levitate
Thunderus-Therian: Electric/Dragon: + Levitate, + Draco Meteor, + Dragon Pulse
Tornadus-Therian: Flying/Fighting
Staraptor: Flying/Fighting
Politoed: Water/Psychic
Ninetales: Fire/Psychic
Scyther: + Fly, + Acrobatics
Serperior: ''Banned'' to RU

Charge beam: bp 50, 100% acc and spatk raise.
All recharge/charge moves 120 bp but no recharge/charge they also lower the users Defense and special defense.
Gust: 20 bp works as rapid spin
Twister: 20 bp works as rapid spin
Inferno: 80 Acc. 50% burn.
Zap cannon: 80% Acc, 50% paralysis.
Dynamic Punch: 80% Acc,50% Confusion.
Focus Blast: 85% Acc, 100 BP
Night Daze: 30% Acc. lower, 100 Acc.
Scary Look: Whirlwind
Spider Web: lower foe's speed by 1 stage as wel as lock.
Twineedle: 50 BP +30% poison.
Rock Blast: 100% Acc.
Tail Whip: 100% Acc.
Ominious/Silver Wind: 80 BP, 50% raising a randm stat instead of 10% all.
Baton Pass: +1 Priority
Splash: Switch like u-turn without power.
Teleport: Switch like u-turn without power

Poison: Super Effective on Water.
Poison: Resists Dragon
Grass: Resists Steel
Steel: Resists Water
Steel: Super Effective on Dragon.
Electric: Super Effective on Steel.
Psychic: Super Effective on Steel
Ice: Resists Water
Ice: Super Effective on Water.

SR damage: halfed.
Magic Bounce will now clear hazards that are already on, fails if the magic bounce mon dies to hazards.

Hail: Raises ice-types Defense by 50% and no-longer damages Water types and Fire types.
Sun: Boosts Fire moves by 25%
Rain Boost Water moves by 25%

Ubers allowed but -20 to all stats
NU/NFE/LC + 15 in all stats
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