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Author Topic: [1.0] 4th Gen Tervari ROM  (Read 17 times)


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[1.0] 4th Gen Tervari ROM
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:45:22 pm »
I have downloaded a NDS ROM emulator and a ROM editor called PPRE and have gotten a ROM for Pokemon Diamond Version. Editing requests from Snaquaza and Present will be good, and remember this is just an Alpha testing ROM, meaning we wont officialy use the 4th gen ROM for this project; well most likely make a 5th gen ROM from scratch.

This ROM is only intended for Stats testing and how maybe certain Pokemon of ours will perform in-game. Sprites will be edited at the end, and all Pokemon cant be turned into the intended new Pokemon, so basically an Empoleon will have a Valorcas stats, abilities, movepool and typing; same goes for maybe a Chimchar having our Fire-starters stats. All abilities not available in 4th Gen will be replaced with the next best ability, and after the ROM is finished and the Pokemon are slowly programmed in and all Tervari Pokemon are available somewhere on the 4th gen map (one of Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, or HGSS), I will post the finished ROM and a guideline for the Pokemon found in-game and Tervari [e.g:
Starly -> (a Pokemon of Tervari
Staravia -> (evolution of that PKMN)
Staraptor -> (evolution of the prior PKMN) ]

The file of the ROM, the Emulator and the editor (PPRE) will be available on this post when I get time.

And a note to Snaq: Please either move this thread to the right location or just leave it and dont lock it; I really do have everything and can edit it on my free time but I need to add in the files when I can and have the files at my disposal. Im very sorry, but atm I cant edit scripts or sprites until I get the time for tutorials on both 5th and 4th gen ROMs.
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