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Author Topic: Pokemon Conquest Tier and Usability Listings  (Read 542 times)


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Pokemon Conquest Tier and Usability Listings
« on: December 05, 2013, 12:06:37 am »
Tell me if this is the wrong section to post thins in but it feels needed.
This is the Pokemon Conquest Tier and Usability Listings

The Pokemon may be rated by YOU, and you can propose what Pokemon should be in what tier and why. Here are the tiers:
• Uber
• S
• Good
• Mediocre
• Bad/Gimmick
• Low Link/Little Cup

Here is how you propose a Pokemon or other stuff in a tier:
• Name (Ability, Pokemon, Move, etc.)
• Tier you think it should be in
• Reasons it might be good or is good
• Reasons it might be bad or is bad
• What Pokemon it is good at checking and/or countering
• Ways you can counter and/or check it yourself

Ill start:
Tier: Great
Great Attack
Dragon-type attack
Last Bastion Ability
Low Range
Bad Accuracy
Mediocre Speed
It is good at countering most to all other Dragon-types in the tier with a powerful attack, and can check Ground and Fighting type attacks.

But it is stopped in its tracks by Ice-type attacks and Steel-type Pokemon, as its Attack isnt as high as to be expected from the mainstream games.
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Re: Pokemon Conquest Tier and Usability Listings
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2013, 01:08:32 am »
Tier: S
High Speed
Vanguard and Sprint
Great Attack
High Base Power Attack (Thunderbolt)
Defense is lowest stat
Stopped by Ground-types, Lightningrod, Volt Absorb and Motor Drive

It can counter Gyarados and many other Water and Flying-types. Can't counter Quagsire family though. Great in 1v1 battles with Guardian Charm.

Ground-types are the bane of its existance. It also hates Electric-immune Pokemon such as Zebstrika and other Jolteons with Volt Absorb.

Omnipotent (Ability)
Tier: Uber
Serves as Mold Breaker, Mountaineer, Instinct, and Life Force
Allows user to deal neutral or better damage to all types

Vanguard (Ability)
Tier: S
Boosts power of Pokemons attack if Pokemon goes first on their turn
You may forget to use the Pokemon with this ability first, or may not be able to.

Tier: Mediocre
Powerful base attack
Good Speed
Average Attack
Bad Defense
Not good abilities
Checked by all Ground types and Electric-type immune Pokemon

It is well-fighting on the first turn, but other than that, it is just not a good Pokemon overall.

Tier: Great
Flash Fire to be immune to Fire type attacks
Flame Boost to help Fire-type based teams annihilate the opponents
Very high SpAtk
Fire Spin is very useful when fighting large areas
Resistance to many tye
Low HP and Speed
Fire Spins' bad accuracy
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Re: Pokemon Conquest Tier and Usability Listings
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2013, 10:11:34 pm »
I'm pretty sure Pokemon Conquest is over a year old and is pretty much not ever talked about online anymore, but I see this game has much potential; I think I have this game myself... Let me  check

Oh yes I do, I think I beat like 7 episodes before I got bored.
There isnt a thing I want, Snaq, except to stay here once again. I dont honestly remember how I got the URL of these forums, but I swear I remember checking these as they were starting out. Its clear that I havent been here since I dont know when, but Im glad to be back :)


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